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Sep 23

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for the amazing peace and even delightful JOY I have, despite having all our money stolen and our dream home smashed and burned. It is truly amazing, the level of positivity I still have despite all that and various other negatives in my life at this moment, in my business and in my physical body. I even have a broken toe from dancing with my Mate, hahahahahaha. But it was FUN. The truth is, I still have TWO awesome, amazing husbands — one eternal and one temporal — and I have peace and good standing with both, so what could I possibly BE upset about?! You even saved $500 of our investment from being stolen — the exact amount we owe my sister — so you made it so that SHE lost nothing in this deal gone bad — how cool is THAT?! Sure, our hearts are heavy with disappointment and we may have permanently lost all the money we had at this time. We are back to square one on obtaining a home on wheels. But we honestly, sincerely trusted in you the whole time, gave the whole thing to you, prayed and followed you the best we could every step of the way… so we have full assurrance that you are still caring for us, and will make sure we have every single thing we NEED. I suppose that means we did not need that particular camper trailer. Perhaps it being so pretty would have attracted the wrong kind of attention, I don’t know. All I know is, fool to the world that I might be, I have plenty of peace and joy and faith that are strong enough to drown out all my sorrow at the moment. I won’t go seeking out my disappointment, I’ll just give that to you as well. I AM your little Acceptance with Joy. 🙂

2 Timothy 4:3-8 ERV

The time will come when people will not listen to the true teaching. But people will find more and more teachers who please them. They will find teachers who say what they want to hear. 
People will stop listening to the truth. They will begin to follow the teaching in false stories. 
But you should control yourself at all times. When troubles come, accept them. Do the work of telling the Good News. Do all the duties of a servant of God. 
My life is being given as an offering for God. The time has come for me to leave this life here. 
I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have served the Lord faithfully. 
Now, a prize is waiting for me—the crown that will show I am right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give it to me on that Day. Yes, he will give it to me and to everyone else who is eagerly looking forward to his coming. 

2 Timothy 2:10-13 ERV

So I patiently accept all these troubles. I do this to help the people God has chosen so that they can have the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. With this salvation comes glory that never ends. 
Here is a true statement: If we died with him, we will also live with him. 
If we remain faithful even in suffering, we will also rule with him. If we refuse to say we know him, he will refuse to say he knows us. 
If we are not faithful, he will still be faithful, because he cannot be false to himself. 

1 Corinthians 4:12 ERV

We work hard with our own hands to feed ourselves. When people insult us, we ask God to bless them. When people treat us badly, we accept it.

Lord, you see it all. You know as much as we do that if we had all the money that was unjustly taken from the two of us in the last few years alone, we would have more than enough to buy a brand-new version of that lovely camper trailer. You remember far better than we do ourselves, all the times we blessed instead of cursed, went out of our way to help people from YOUR Love reaching out from within us, and all the times we gave way more time, money, and other resources than we could comfortably afford to give — even in the last couple months!! So I know your face can smile on us, and we can be FREE, no matter how much it SEEMS that we have lost. What difference does it really make, that we are homeless in this world, when the Creator of the Universe is our Father, and His Spirit is our Teacher and Comforter?! And Lord, it delights me so deeply that one of my husband’s main prayers in this thing is that these events not make our hearts grow cold or hard toward people, that we remain supple and willing, open to your touch, your leading, and the pouring out of your Love to everyone we meet, no matter how much people have hurt us. I pray the same, knowing that you are already at work in us, to give your peace and your Love and your measure of faith in us ever more stable and penetrating roots. Thank you, faithful Shepherd. Amen. 😀


Sep 22

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for the beauty of healing and restoration of peace and joy! Thank you for helping me get some sleep at last, and thank you for the productive day yesterday, even allowing us to minister to a stranger for a couple hours, and meet several new people as well. Thank you for protecting our investment, and please bring our camper trailer safely here to us, in your perfect timing. Lord, I thank you for this awesome hopeful gift, although I am still keeping my heart from trusting fully in it. I know that I can trust in YOU, but I don’t always know for certain if something is part of your will, or just a taste of things to come. Either way, I trust you completely, faithful Shepherd. You’ve never let me down. 🙂

Psalm 36:5-10 ERV

LORD, your faithful love reaches to the sky. Your faithfulness is as high as the clouds. 
Your goodness is higher than the highest mountains. Your fairness is deeper than the deepest ocean. LORD, you protect people and animals. 
Nothing is more precious than your loving kindness. All people can find protection close to you. 
They get strength from all the good things in your house. You let them drink from your wonderful river. 
The fountain of life flows from you. Your light lets us see light. 
Continue to love those who really know you, and do good to those who are true to you.

Lord, please be with my mother-in-law as she recovers and grows strong again. Please give her peace and prepare her for the blessings you are making ready for her. Please also continue to bless my daughter and bring her into the next season of her life, a time of growth and increasing independence. Protect her and help her find a special niche that only she can fill. Please be with each of my sons as well, encouraging them forward in their own lives and in personal relationships with you. Please bless my dear friend in New York and show her how much you love her, how sweetly you care for her. Please also bless the beautiful families I got to meet at the church in Denton, Texas. Let their home schools be peaceful and productive and their daily lives be filled with your presence, your joy. Amen.


Sep 21

Good morning, Lord!
WOW, what an amazing day yesterday, full of the most terrible lows AND the most encouraging hopes! I never went to sleep that night, so distressed and stressed over very personal matters, yet also so creatively active-minded was I, like being in turbo design mode with an undercurrent of unrelated despair. Then when it was finally 2am, I jumped online and got to work, wrote yesterday’s post, finished up converting one of my websites ( from free to $5 for 24 hour access, and did all the promo work for that. I also found and contacted someone on Craigslist about a unique camper my husband had seen listed while we were at the library earlier in the day. By the end of “free internet time” yesterday (8am), we were in contact with the seller’s son, and AMAZED that we could actually get a trailer which normally sells for $6000+ for $2000 and with full eBay buyer protection (they reimburse our investment up to $20,000 if the deal goes bad on us)!!


It appears that God may be blessing us with THIS camper, as our home on wheels!! First pic shows it with the sliders in, second with the sliders out. It has a kitchen and bathroom, even a shower and a small oven, AND for my husband in particular — a good size frig and freezer, lol! So far, it looks like there are NO real drawbacks to the situation — it even gets delivered here to us within 3 days, AND we have 5 days to inspect it and accept or reject it — BUT when it comes down to it, we are still trusting God 100% to both guide and protect us. We belong to Him, and anything we own does as well. If He intends us to be blessed with this amazing camper trailer, He will continue to make it happen, as He has so far. Even my sister, who is likewise sensitive to the Spirit, feels confident and peaceful about it, encouraging us forward, so we even have confirmation on that end. Thank you, Lord God, no matter how this turns out!!

Hebrews 11:1-4,6,8,13-16 (lol) ERV:

Faith is what makes real the things we hope for. It is proof of what we cannot see. 
God was pleased with the people who lived a long time ago because they had faith like this. 
Faith helps us understand that God created the whole world by his command. This means that the things we see were made by something that cannot be seen. 
Cain and Abel both offered sacrifices to God. But Abel offered a better sacrifice to God because he had faith. God said he was pleased with what Abel offered. And so God called him a good man because he had faith. Abel died, but through his faith he is still speaking…
Without faith no one can please God. Whoever comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who sincerely try to find him…
God called Abraham to travel to another place that he promised to give him. Abraham did not know where that other place was. But he obeyed God and started traveling because he had faith. 
All these great people continued living with faith until they died. They did not get the things God promised his people. But they were happy just to see those promises coming far in the future. They accepted the fact that they were like visitors and strangers here on earth. 
When people accept something like that, they show they are waiting for a country that will be their own. 
If they were thinking about the country they had left, they could have gone back. 
But they were waiting for a better country—a heavenly country. So God is not ashamed to be called their God. And he has prepared a city for them.

Lord, you see everything in us, behind us, and in front of us. I trust that you have good plans for us, and will use us for your own will and purpose as it suits you. I thank you for your guidance and care, and I thank you for giving us a CHANCE to serve you, to dedicate ourselves to you, and to be actually FREE to serve you, unhindered during these last decades of our lives. I accept your will for me, whether it includes this nice camper or not. We were perfectly content with the idea of living in a tiny, ugly camper that needed to be rebuilt, but you seem to be providing something that is so much more than we could ever have hoped for. Please continue to protect us and guide us, Father. Thank you for choosing us and using us. Amen.


Sep 20

Lord, you see every inch of this struggle I am living through. You know its history as well as its future. You know how deeply I am hurt, how alone and nearly hopeless in this one thing at this moment. Still, I believe in the healing power of your wings, Lord. I believe in the calming nature of your touch. I know how you move my heart toward joy and peace, and I know that you are caring for me even when I feel so alone and misunderstood. Still I wish for some fellowship and encouragement from your people, but I must instead just be content with what I have, which is already ENOUGH. Please help me to yield to you, Father, and just be your little Acceptance with Joy.

Ephesians 3:10-12 ERV

His purpose was that all the rulers and powers in the heavenly places will now know the many different ways he shows his wisdom. They will know this because of the church. 
This agrees with the plan God had since the beginning of time. He did what he planned, and he did it through Christ Jesus our Lord. 
In Christ we come before God with freedom and without fear. We can do this because of our faith in Christ.

Lord God, I thank you for making a way for me and the rest of your people to come before you. Without your Touch, your care, your support, I would faint — in fact I would not have made it past my first year of life and certainly would have died by the time I was five, from all the torture if not from the more “normal” abuse — and from the despair and aloneness. Yet despite my situation, I still found JOY in you, in your creation, in your presence which I knew before I had a word or name to call it. Thank you for always being near me, revealing yourself to me in small ways every single day. Please encourage my heart, Lord God, as I feel very worn out from this path. Amen.


Sep 19

Good morning, Lord.
I am grateful there are hard days like yesterday, so that I can better appreciate the simpler, less complicated days. Thank you for protecting me while I am weak, and please help me to remember how strong I am in you, and how FREE!

Galatians 5:13-15 ERV

My brothers and sisters, God chose you to be free. But don’t use your freedom as an excuse to do what pleases your sinful selves. Instead, serve each other with love. 
The whole law is made complete in this one command: “Love your neighbor the same as you love yourself.” 
If you continue hurting each other and tearing each other apart, be careful, or you will completely destroy each other. 

Lord, I thank you for making me free, and I ask you to help me use that freedom to serve others. Show me how to serve you and your people this day, and help me to keep my eyes on you instead of myself and my own selfish desires. I know that you take care of me, and that I will have every single thing I ever really need. Thank you for choosing me, Shepherd. Amen.


Sep 18

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for the awesome silly fun and fellowship of this last day and this morning, and thank you for helping me make a good start on the current restructuring project! Thank you for keeping me balanced, not stressed. And thank you for helping me to recognize and accept my best friend’s assistance in my quest for balance, lol. Thank you for my amazing marriage — or Mateship as it seems instead (“more better”, haha!) — and thank you for allowing me this time with my sister, who is a good influence on me in several ways, and whom I have been blessed to be allowed to help in return. Thank you even for the dog that lives here, and the respect level each of us humans can have for him. He is so far only the third dog I have known that is blessed by our Creator in kind-of the same special unique way, and the first I’ve met that isn’t my own dog, lol. How cool to be able to see your Hand in my own life, Lord — but how much cool-ER to see it in the people and animals and places surrounding me!! Father, I give you this day, my time, my hands, my mind, my heart. I lift my business, my skills, my triumphs and disappointments all to you. Make of it all what you have designed and selected for me, faithful Shepherd. Thank you for choosing me, and giving me a chance to learn of you. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 6:7-12 ERV

People work and work to feed themselves, but they are never satisfied. 
In the same way a wise person is no better than a fool is. It is better to be a poor person who knows how to accept life as it is. 
It is better to be happy with what you have than to always want more and more. Always wanting more and more is useless. It is like trying to catch the wind. 
You are only what you were created to be—a human, and it is useless to argue about it.
People cannot argue with God about this because he is more powerful than they are, and a long argument will not change that fact. 
Who knows what is best for people during their short life on earth? Their life passes like a shadow. No one can tell them what will happen later. 

Lord, I thank you that YOU know what is best for me during this short life you’ve given me. And I thank you for helping me to yield beneath your Hand, accepting what you’ve provided, what you’ve chosen for me. It may not be very “comfortable” according to the standards of most Americans, for I have no actual place to call my “home” — and other such “normal” things like that — but I have YOU, your presence in my life at every moment, your Hand guiding me and your Breath strengthening me. And that is so much more than ENOUGH. I am amazed at your mercy, Lord. Please help me to be at least nearly this grateful and joyous during the days that I must suffer great pain or emotional anguish, Lord. I thank you for those days and your presence with me then, as much as I thank you for these comparatively pain-free days I am experiencing right now. Thank you for my positive outlook, and thank you also for my awesome family and friends. Please bless each of us in some special way that only YOU can, Lord God. Amen, and thank you. 😀


Sep 17

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for leading me out of misery, back into freedom and JOY!! Lord, I do not know why I had to basically walk through three days of hell, but I suspect that it was the only way I could learn all that I did, and grow as much as I did, and as quickly. Thank you for the end result, and the peace and stability I now feel! Thank you for your awesome merciful care, and for once again proving to me that I can always count on you to bring me through, no matter what. And no matter how hopeless things seem, there is always always hope, because there is always always YOU, our faithful Shepherd. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Please help me to always remember the lessons of the last several days, and how you came through for me as you always do. And how perfect was your timing as well. Again. Thank you.

Psalm 18:30-36 ERV

God’s way is perfect. The LORD’S promise always proves to be true. He protects those who trust in him. 
There is no God except the LORD. There is no Rock except our God. 
God is the one who gives me strength. He clears the path I need to take. 
He makes my feet as steady as those of a deer. Even on steep mountains he keeps me from falling. 

He trains me for war so that my arms can bend the most powerful bow. 
Lord, you have given me your shield to protect me. You support me with your right hand. It is your help that has made me great. 
You cleared a path for my feet so that I could walk without stumbling. 

Lord, I thank you for always clearing the path for me to walk, and even setting me upon a path that always causes me to grow. I thank you for introducing me to yet another “industry standard” application to work with, and for dissolving over a decade of fear inside me, which caused me to think I could NOT be considered a “web designer” and now that seems silly and old. Thank you for helping me to walk FREE and unhindered, able to embrace change and feel confident and competent in both my vision and my ability to make it happen. Lord, please continue to protect me and do not let the enemy steal these good things you have gifted me with. Thank you for allowing me to walk through hell to obtain them, so that I fight for them and do not just allow the enemy to steal them right in front of me, like a spiritual wimp. Lord, please strengthen my heart and make me ready. Enlighten my mind and show me details of the path I must travel, as I come to each bend in the road. I know that I can trust you to be there with me, every step of the way, guiding me, protecting me, nourishing me, and sharing with me both the delights and the disappointments of the path. Thank you for choosing me and using me. Amen.


Sep 16

Good morning, Lord.
Father, my heart is really hurting right now. I don’t even understand why I feel like this, where this ache is coming from, why these tears are streaming down my face, why I feel so all alone and broken. I bet you understand, though. I miss the comfort and encouragement of the church in Denton, Texas, the loving hearts there who prayed for little me. I miss the awesomeness of being given scriptures from loving sisters. I wish I could feel some of that Love right now.

Psalm 34:7‭-‬22 ERV

The Lord’s angel builds a camp around his followers, and he protects them. Give the Lord a chance to show you how good he is. Great blessings belong to those who depend on him! The Lord’s holy people should fear and respect him. Those who respect him will always have what they need. Even strong lions get weak and hungry, but those who go to the Lord for help will have every good thing. Children, come and listen to me; I will teach you to respect the Lord. Do you want to enjoy life? Do you want to have many happy days? Then avoid saying anything hurtful, and never let a lie come out of your mouth. Stop doing anything evil, and do good. Look for peace, and do all you can to help people live peacefully. The Lord watches over those who do what is right, and he hears their prayers. But the Lord is against those who do evil, so they are forgotten soon after they die. Pray to the Lord, and he will hear you. He will save you from all your troubles. The Lord is close to those who have suffered disappointment. He saves those who are discouraged. Good people might have many problems, but the Lord will take them all away. He will protect them completely. Not one of their bones will be broken. But troubles will kill the wicked. The enemies of those who live right will all be punished. The Lord saves his servants. All who go to him for protection will escape punishment.

Lord, you see and know even the things I cannot express in words. You understand the nature of my ache, even to its roots. Father, please help me to just give it all to you, and trust you to carry me through this rough spot. I can trust in your faithful care. Amen.


Sep 15

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for leading me past the major confusion yesterday, and helping me see a way that the new system COULD be done. I am still up to my waist in the Unknown, still trying to wade through it all to get to a solid footing on “dry land”, lol. But I know you will enable me to figure it out and get it done, Lord. You have never let me down! I know I can count on you to give me just what I need — WHEN I need it and sometimes not a moment before, hahaha. Please help me to continue to be patient with the process and keep trusting in you, and also not to get scared at the coming changes of location and situation, and other details of what possibly COULD happen. LOL, it reminds me of the quote from some famous person who said, “I have suffered many things in this world — most of which never happened.” Hahaha. Isn’t that just the way us crazy humans and our overactive imaginations work?! So Lord, I give it ALL to you — even the worst that COULD happen. I know that no matter what, you will be with me, comforting and encouraging me as you have since I was a tiny abused little child. You have always provided me with not just PEACE, but JOY that surpasses all understanding. All I ever have to do is be grateful for what I have, and what I have becomes ENOUGH. Thank you, faithful Shepherd!! It may not be easy, but it sure is simple.

Philippians 4:4-7 ERV

Always be filled with joy in the Lord. I will say it again. Be filled with joy. 
Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind. The Lord is coming soon. 
Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have. 
And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds.

Lord, I think it is way cool how you make our peace dependent upon belonging to Jesus rather than upon anything we do or don’t do. We don’t have to religiously attend church or sign up for endless services or pray a certain number of times or minutes every day, or even say certain key words and phrases or any of that human-imposed garbage. Instead, all we have to do is keep looking to you, keep returning our thoughts and hearts towards you and trust you to lead us and take awesome care of us — and we can be at peace and have JOY! Thank you thank you thank you for making it so simple and straightforward that everyone everywhere has a chance to have YOU as their Shepherd, and be safe and saved and FREE! HeeHEE! 😀


Sep 14

Hello, Father.
Thank you for this fresh clean start I am working towards, already having ALL the educational materials I’ve created in the past 14 years neatly sorted and backed up and now moving forward on releasing in a NEW way the 2250+ PDFs that are NOT related to Spanish language learning. WOOT! Thank you for waking me up yesterday with a vision for replacing the lost income IF I sell the site. IF you bring the perfect buyer who will take over on building the site, not just using it for income (which I could do myself, lol). Lord, I give my work to you and ask you to continue guiding me every step of the way. Thank you for your perfect timing in all things, motivating me, sustaining me, even making it as easy as you can on little me and my feeble brain, lol.

Matthew 17:17-20 ERV

Jesus answered, “You people today have no faith. Your lives are so wrong! How long must I stay with you? How long must I continue to be patient with you? Bring the boy here.” 
Jesus gave a strong command to the demon inside the boy. The demon came out of the boy, and the boy was healed. 
Then the followers came to Jesus alone. They said, “We tried to force the demon out of the boy, but we could not. Why were we not able to make the demon go out?” 
Jesus answered, “You were not able to make the demon go out, because your faith is too small. Believe me when I tell you, if your faith is only as big as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. You will be able to do anything.” 

Lord I thank you for the measure of faith you have given me. I don’t know if it is the size of a mustard seed, and it sure does cause me to be frowned upon by a great many people who consider me foolish, but I delight in knowing that you are there with me through it all, encouraging me to keep believing, keep looking to you, keep giving myself and my resources to you. Lord, I know that YOU can move mountains in my life. Silly me, I don’t even know which mountains need moving! But YOU know, faithful Shepherd. I ask that you keep intervening in my life and in my business and keep moving my heart and the hearts of those I love. Lead us forward on the path you have for each of us, Lord. Amen.


Sep 13

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for the humor of waking up rather energetic two mornings in a row, climbing out of bed and looking at my phone to find that it is exactly two o’clock in the morning, lol. This morning I am grateful that I have a warm place to sleep, a warm and loving and peacefully snoring lump in my bed (LOL) that warms my heart as well, and the freedom to choose what time I awake and what I do with my time after getting up. I thank you that I have not had to use an alarm clock for many, many years, but instead have been able to trust you to wake me at the perfect time, even on the few mornings when I had to be somewhere at a particular time. I thank you that I have had few of those mornings, and that I am self-motivated enough not to NEED to play the game of working for someone else. I know that the tradeoff is a certain isolation from “normal” people and having a “normal” income or a “normal” job or even a “normal” outlook on life. But I delight in the fact that my Lord did not spend his time walking this earth as a “normal” person himself, and today your Holy Sprit encourages me to use my time and other resources wisely, never ever being comfortable with letting even a single day slip by without accomplishing something — even if I am sick and all I do is learn more about some topic through my awesome Great Courses Plus library of downloaded videos, lol.

Malachi 3:13-18 ERV

The LORD says, “You said cruel things to me.” But you ask, “What did we say about you?” 
You said, “It is useless to worship God. We did what the LORD All-Powerful told us, but we didn’t gain anything. We cried like people at a funeral to show we were sorry for our sins, but it didn’t help. 
We think proud people are happy. Evil people succeed. They do evil things to test God’s patience, and God does not punish them.” 
Then the LORD’S followers spoke with each other, and the LORD listened to them. There is a book in front of him. In that book are the names of his followers. They are the people who honor the LORD’S name. 
The LORD said, “They belong to me. I will be kind to them. Parents are very kind to their children who obey them. In the same way I will be kind to my followers. 
You people will come back to me, and you will learn the difference between good and evil. You will learn the difference between someone who follows God and someone who does not. 

Lord, I ask that each person whom I care for, including my own self, be encouraged to know and understand the difference between good and evil, and be able to discern what people and what courses of action and what states of mind and what attitudes of the heart serve you, and which do not. Bless each one of us with your merciful care, Lord God, and guide us forward on our path with you this day. Amen.

Lord, I feel much too self-absorbed this morning, which often happens when I have been pushing myself to work hard on my digital projects and products. But I thank you for helping me learn the new techniques of responsive web design using Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver, and I pray that you bless and guide my efforts, so that my time and energy bear good fruit for YOU. I feel a bit hurt that only a single individual out of the hundreds of thousands of regular visitors to my website have spoken up to give me any feedback on selling the site — and even that was largely negative. It is hard to not feel like I have wasted a decade of my life serving people who mostly seem so spoiled and ungrateful for the thousands of pages of free and low-cost materials I have provided for them since 2005. I am sorry for being so highly “sensitive”, Lord. But I suppose you know that about me, and perhaps even made me that way for some purpose. I think if I do not get a good offer for the site, I will open it up for others to contribute materials, rather than even considering giving more of my creativity to these people. I realize there may be quite a number of individuals who ARE truly grateful for my sacrifices, so I pray that you help me to let GO of my hurt and my bitterness and continue to serve them ALL to the best of my ability, in whatever manner YOU choose for me to do, Lord. I would really like to hand the whole Spanish thing over to someone else, pass the buck to someone who can devote their own time and resources to it, give it the attention it deserves. Help me to not feel so hurt and betrayed, Lord, but instead to just be your little Acceptance with Joy. Amen.


Sep 12

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for this chance to grow FREE from the guilt of “failing” the site and its customers due to lack of interest on my part. My heart just has not been into the Spanish language for a few years now, and my creativity has been crippled by trying to force something that just wasn’t in me. Please raise up the community of Spanish educators who have grown accustomed to using my printables over these past dozen years that I have made them available to the public. Please bring a single buyer or a group of buyers to the forefront, someone(s) who are able to raise the money to purchase the site and all my resources on it, and add their own materials and enthusiasm to make the site GROW for all its members and visitors. Lord, I give to you the site and all the hard work I’ve put into creating the thousands of pages of materials on it over the past dozen years. Please protect it from anyone who would use it only for a source of income, with no real concern for the materials themselves or the Spanish educators all over the world who have come to depend on it. And above all, please give me wisdom to choose the buyer that you want for it, Lord, and please help my husband to be patient with the process and not put pressure on me to sell quickly or foolishly. I desire to be led of you in this thing as much as in everything else. Help me to be a wise stewardess and to make decisions according to your will and purpose, Lord. I put it in your hands, so that I do not screw it up.

Psalm 119:129-138,140,145-7 ERV

Lord, your rules are wonderful. That is why I follow them. 
As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise. 
My desire to hear your commands is so strong that I wait with open mouth, gasping for breath. 
Look at me, and be kind to me, just as you always are to those who love your name. 
Guide me, as you promised. Don’t let evil rule over me. 
Save me from those who want to hurt me, and I will obey your instructions. 
Accept your servant, and teach me your laws. 
I have cried a river of tears because people don’t obey your teachings. 
LORD, you do what is right, and your decisions are fair. 
The rules you have given us are right. We can trust them completely. 
I love your word. Time and again it has been proven true. 
LORD, I call to you with all my heart. Answer me, and I will obey your laws. 
I call to you. Save me, and I will obey your rules. 
I get up early in the morning to pray to you. I trust what you say. 

Lord, you see all that is in me, all that has happened to me, all that I have made happen. I thank you for making me strong, able to depend upon you instead of upon other people or even my own little self. I ask you to honor my obedience and willingness to do things your way, and make it plain to me, not only to whom to sell the website, but also what to do to replace the ongoing income, and how to fill my time with projects that YOU want me to work on, Shepherd. You see my heart, my desires, my skills and abilities and limitations. There are soooooo many things I WANT to do, that I would only be able to feel completely accomplished if I had a millenium to pursue them all. Help me to choose wisely in how to spend my time and energy, Lord. And please bless my efforts and let them bear whatever fruit YOU desire, my Lord. I give you my time, my hands, my mind, my heart, my life. I lay myself, my husband, and all those whom I love in your hands and ask you to guide us and protect us and grow each one of us like plants in your garden, Shepherd. And at the end of all, I ask that I be found faithful to you, as much as any simple human can be. Amen.


Sep 11

Good morning, Father!
I thank you, my Creator, for making me a happy person! I watched a learning show yesterday on emotions, where the professor was encouraging people to “cultivate a character” that makes positivity a habit. I know there is a LOT of truth in the fact that we may not be able to choose our brief emotions, but we CAN choose which emotions to dwell upon, to “cultivate” within our daily lives, like a habit. But instead of feeling like I myself have done this thing, I feel like I have TWO things to be grateful to you for, Lord — for giving me a cheery “set-point” and for motivating me to expand upon that foundation, to make it a habit to be positive and upbeat and cheerful and joyous. I certainly know for certain (haha) that every ounce of this amazing joy I have comes from YOU, Lord God. EVERY good gift comes from you. Please show me how I can make the BEST use of all the blessings you have provided, Lord, from my mind and my time, to my health and my joy. Show me how to help people and spread the joy and Love you give me. Amen, thank you Lord! 😀

James 1:13-18 ERV

Whenever you feel tempted to do something bad, you should not say, “God is tempting me.” Evil cannot tempt God, and God himself does not tempt anyone. 
You are tempted by the evil things you want. Your own desire leads you away and traps you. 
Your desire grows inside you until it results in sin. Then the sin grows bigger and bigger and finally ends in death. 
My dear brothers and sisters, don’t be fooled about this. 
Everything good comes from God. Every perfect gift is from him. These good gifts come down from the Father who made all the lights in the sky. But God never changes like the shadows from those lights. He is always the same. 
God decided to give us life through the true message he sent to us. He wanted us to be the most important of all that he created.

James 1:17 ISV

Every generous act of giving and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father who made the heavenly lights, in whom there is no inconsistency or shifting shadow.

James 1:17 KJV

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17 AMPC

Every good gift and every perfect (free, large, full) gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of all [that gives] light, in [the shining of] Whom there can be no variation [rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [as in an eclipse].

Thank you, Lord God, our merciful Father, for being our steady Rock, our reliable and praiseworthy Creator, and the One who gives gifts to his children so freely and so kindly. Thank you for making me your own, and please help me to bear good fruit for you. Amen.


Sep 10

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for your awesome Touch, your encouraging presence in my life, in my spirit, in my heart and mind. Thank you for waking me up at the perfect time to make full use of my internet time, and thank you for helping me not be overwhelmed by the software issues I’ve had this morning. Please help me to just give ALL my worries and discomforts to you, no matter how big or small. I trust you completely, Shepherd. Lead on!

1 Timothy 1:15-19 ERV

Here is a true statement that should be accepted without question: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and I am the worst of them. 
But I was given mercy so that in me Christ Jesus could show that he has patience without limit. Christ showed his patience with me, the worst of all sinners. He wanted me to be an example for those who would believe in him and have eternal life. 
Honor and glory to the King who rules forever. He cannot be destroyed and cannot be seen. Honor and glory forever and ever to the only God. Amen. 
Timothy, you are like a son to me. What I am telling you to do agrees with the prophecies that were told about you in the past. I want you to remember those prophecies and fight the good fight of faith. 
Continue to trust in God and do what you know is right. Some people have not done this, and their faith is now in ruins. 

Lord I thank you for faith and I thank you for hope. I thank you that you have me protected and covered, and I can count on you to shield me, guide me, and care for me each day. I thank you that you also have mercy upon those whom I love, and that you are caring for them as well. Please help us all to rest in your peace this day, and trust in you more all the time. Amen.


Sep 9

Good morning, Father!
I thank you for this beautiful day, another chance to live close to you and learn more about you, about myself, about your people, about your creation. I thank you for peace and joy and the mental and physical energy to accomplish many things each day — even if it is never as much as what I’d like to have gotten done, lol. I thank you for patience — both my own and others’ patience with me and with my loved ones. I thank you for mercy and grace and the chance we each have to know and serve you. Thank you for your Word, for all the awesome things recorded with the written word, for the digital format that most books can be found in now, so that I have so many opportunities to read and learn and grow and even to be entertained. I thank you for one whole year without drinking a single drop of alcohol. Thank you for never allowing drink or anything else to destroy my relationship with you or with any of my loved ones. And I thank you for showing me how to have just as much fun, and achieve just as much relaxation, without ANY chemical substance. I thank you for making me FREE from all addictions except to you, to your Word, to learning and growth, and to my best friend and Mate, lol. Please help him feel better this day, heal us both entirely from this crazy off-and-on illness we’ve both had this week, and help us to move forward on the tasks we need to accomplish while my sister is gone on vacation. Guide us in how to make her return a giant blessing, making her own home more to her liking in ways that she can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you, Father, for making me feel like a blessed princess in your Kingdom! Amen.

Matthew 17:24-27 ERV

Jesus and his followers went to Capernaum. There the men who collect the two-drachma Temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Does your teacher pay the Temple tax?” 
Peter answered, “Yes, he does.” Peter went into the house where Jesus was. Before Peter could speak, Jesus said to him, “The kings on the earth get different kinds of taxes from people. But who are those who pay the taxes? Are they the king’s children? Or do other people pay the taxes? What do you think?” 
Peter answered, “The other people pay the taxes.” Jesus said, “Then the children of the king don’t have to pay taxes. 
But we don’t want to upset these tax collectors. So do this: Go to the lake and fish. After you catch the first fish, open its mouth. Inside its mouth you will find a four-drachma coin. Take that coin and give it to the tax collectors. That will pay the tax for you and me.”

Lord, I thank you that I am known for my faith rather than for cruelty, for cheerfulness rather than drama, and for being a thorough, hard worker rather than lazy. Please show me how I can help people to really realize that everything good in me is just a reflection of you, of your work in me, of your care for me ever since I was born and well before that, even. Thank you for my awesome Mate, my awesome children, and all the wonderful people whom I call my friends. Please bless each one of us with the closeness of your presence this day, the encouraging comfort of your Hand upon us. Thank you, beloved Shepherd. Amen.


Sep 8

Hahahaha. Just after two o’clock in the morning, staring at my reflection in the mirror, fixin’ to put in my contacts and start the day. Moments ago, I struggled out of bed, grateful that I listened to the prompting of the Spirit once again and laid myself down to sleep about eight in the evening, so I could get enough rest to make full use of “free internet time” between two and eight in the morning. As I extricated my body from the confusion of pillows and blankets, I automatically said a silent prayer of thanks for the warmth and comfort and blessedness of sleep. Now, finding myself a few inches from the mirror for no other reason than because that’s how close I need to be to SEE anything without my contacts in, I notice the big ‘ol colorless mole on my chin looming at me through the haze of grogginess, tempting me to respond with negativity, and a single phrase comes to mind: “Wabi-sabi”. I don’t know where the term came from, someplace in the Orient, I suspect, but I know it has to do with Beauty in Imperfection. So I share a private laugh with my Shepherd, seeing in my mind’s eye the selfies I’ve taken a few times in the last decade, where the odd shape of my face with its large nose and ugly chin-mole are just part of my silly imperfection, that which makes me, ME.


Silly selfies in 2009 and 2017 (with my great nieces): The dreaded mole on my chin has grown, but so have my photography skills and my familiarity with Photoshop and over a dozen other Adobe CC applications — all of which I refuse to use to edit out my own imperfections, lol. Hahahahaha, life is good when you have the merciful Spirit to keep you humble and chugging along with an attitude of gratitude! 😀

Colossians 4:2-6 ERV

Never stop praying. Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful. 
Also pray for us. Pray that God will give us an opportunity to tell people his message. I am in prison for doing this. But pray that we can continue to tell people the secret truth that God has made known about Christ. 
Pray that I will say what is necessary to make this truth clear to everyone. 
Be wise in the way you act with those who are not believers. Use your time in the best way you can. 
When you talk, you should always be kind and wise. Then you will be able to answer everyone in the way you should. 

Lord, I don’t know if I can ALWAYS be kind and wise (especially the latter, lol), but I am grateful that I have developed the ability to pray constantly, always interacting with you through your Spirit at every turn of every day. How awesome to share all the Little Things in life with my Creator, my God, my Shepherd, my Best Friend and eternal Husband!! And on top of that, He has given me an awesome man to be my temporal Good Husband and best friend and Mate! Hahahaha, I have so little money, I am homeless, and there are so many other things I COULD complain about in my life right now… but WHY?? I choose to be prepared for anything and everything, through constant prayer and thankfulness. LOL


Sep 7

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for this awesome weather, and thank you for new people, good fellowship, and good sleep. Father, please bless my sister with a safe trip today, and give her an awesome adventure with her female buddies. Be with my husband and I as we do the tougher jobs around the house while my sister is gone. Make our bodies and minds strong and determined, and guide us to accomplish all the tasks in the order and timing that will get it done and still allow us some time to enjoy our own little vacation. Thank you for your merciful daily care, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Psalm 127 ERV

A song from Solomon for going up to the Temple. If it is not the LORD who builds a house, the builders are wasting their time. If it is not the LORD who watches over the city, the guards are wasting their time. 
It is a waste of time to get up early and stay up late, trying to make a living. The Lord provides for those he loves, even while they are sleeping. 

Children are a gift from the LORD, a reward from a mother’s womb. 
A young man’s sons are like the arrows in a soldier’s hand. 
The man who fills his quiver with sons will be very blessed. He will never be defeated when he opposes his enemy at the city gates.

Lord, I thank you for choosing me and using me. I thank you for making me wise enough to look to you for guidance and support, rather than thinking that my own foolish human mind can figure it all out. I thank you for giving me a quick mind, able to learn and improve at using all the Adobe CC applications, from daily Photoshop and Illustrator practice, to less frequent but ongoing practice with Muse and Dreamweaver, Audition and Premier Pro and After Effects, as well as InDesign and various mobile and supportive apps. I delight in being a generalist as you have made me, able to bounce from project to project, slowly rebuilding each of my two dozen websites while also preparing to raise up several YouTube channels and a graphic design business as well. I thank you that I can do all this on the road, happily being a Homeless Nomad with my awesome Mate and best friend. Please continue to prepare us in all ways, for whatever you have for us in the coming weeks and months. As we look toward the coming months of cold weather, please prepare a place for us that is warm enough and big enough for me to continue to work on all my digital projects. I thank you and I trust you completely, Lord. 😀


Sep 6

Good morning, Father!
Lord I am so grateful for so many things! Thank you for creating me just how I am, with an awesome ability to delight in simple learning, to get all excited by the amazing privilege of access to ebooks and endless sources of information, and ways to use it! Thank you for setting my life in this timeframe where I can use technology in such seemingly inexhaustible ways, with an abundance of “cubbyholes” in which to place all the delightful little tidbits of things I learn or find interesting, from my 2 dozen personal and private websites, to my ever-growing graphic design and production skills, to my physical means of artistic expression. Life seems limitless at the moment, growing ever closer to the image in my mind’s eye of being a Little Child exploring the Father’s Kingdom. Thank you, Shepherd, for leading me into the Valley of Delight!

James 2:19‭-‬24 AMPC

You believe that God is one; you do well. So do the demons believe and shudder [in terror and horror such as make a man’s hair stand on end and contract the surface of his skin]! Are you willing to be shown [proof], you foolish (unproductive, spiritually deficient) fellow, that faith apart from [good] works is inactive and ineffective and worthless? Was not our forefather Abraham [shown to be] justified (made acceptable to God) by [his] works when he brought to the altar as an offering his [own] son Isaac? [Gen. 22:1-14.] You see that [his] faith was cooperating with his works, and [his] faith was completed and reached its supreme expression [when he implemented it] by [good] works. And [so] the Scripture was fulfilled that says, Abraham believed in (adhered to, trusted in, and relied on) God, and this was accounted to him as righteousness (as conformity to God’s will in thought and deed), and he was called God’s friend. [Gen. 15:6; II Chron. 20:7; Isa. 41:8.] You see that a man is justified (pronounced righteous before God) through what he does and not alone through faith [through works of obedience as well as by what he believes].

Lord God, I have always considered you my friend, ever since I used to sing joyful little songs to you as the Creator and owner of all things, when I was a small, lonely, abused child. I hope it is not too big of me to consider you a friend, but in reality I feel quite small, tiny enough to fit completely inside your Hand, alongside all the other uncountable things you care for diligently. I do not feel special in any way myself, but rather quite fully admit and proclaim that any and ALL good in me or that happens to me — ALL “good and perfect gifts” like mentioned elsewhere in the book of James — are 100% due to YOU, as signs of your mercy, your grace, your goodness and faithful care. Lord, I feel so much gratitude and Love for you that it kinda scares me, like I am gonna explode or swell up too big to fit in this physical world! Lord, if I am so happy and full of delight and excitement here in this limited physical realm, then I cannot even imagine how literally mindblowing it will be to live with you in limitless eternity!!! I actually feel like I must shrink myself to fit here, Lord. Help me to be humble, and calm enough to not overwhelm or offend people. And please help me to SHARE my delight with people, as much as is possible. Teach me how to use all these awesome resources, how to help people in whatever ways you allow me to, Lord. I give to you my joy, my skills, my knowledge, my time, mySELF. Prune me and help me bear good fruit for you, my Lord. Amen.


Sep 5

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for helping me feel better and to spend most of the day yesterday cleaning and fine detailing my sister’s car before her big trip! It was fun to make something so clean for someone else to enjoy, and to return some of the loving care that has been given to myself and to my husband lately. It was also fun yesterday to work on my graphic design project, finally finishing up some of it and moving forward — thanks! Lord, I ask you for a good, productive day today. Please be with my husband as he goes to inquire about the little camper, if the man is home to speak with. If not, please guide us to other people or places, other connections or resources, so we can move forward in our quest for a home on wheels. Thank you for our health and closeness and hope and lightness. Show us how to best serve you this day. Thank you, faithful Shepherd! 🙂

Titus 3:3-7 ERV

In the past we were foolish too. We did not obey, we were wrong, and we were slaves to the many things our bodies wanted and enjoyed. We lived doing evil and being jealous. People hated us and we hated each other. 
But then the kindness and love of God our Savior was made known. 
He saved us because of his mercy, not because of any good things we did. He saved us through the washing that made us new people. He saved us by making us new through the Holy Spirit. 
God poured out to us that Holy Spirit fully through Jesus Christ our Savior. 
We were made right with God by his grace. God saved us so that we could be his children and look forward to receiving life that never ends. 

Thank you, Father, for making known to us your mercy, your kindness, your cleansing, your Love. Help each of us to walk forward in humility and willingness to serve. Mold us, form each of us into a vessel for your use in helping others and giving you glory. Amen.


Sep 4

Good morning, Lord.
I still don’t feel so great, but I am GRATEful, lol. I thank you for my Mate, who also is feeling a bit “under the weather”. I pray that you make our BBQ today go well despite our low energy and achy bodies. I pray that you give each of my loved ones a good Labor Day today as well, although I don’t really have a way to communicate with them to wish them a happy day. At least I got to talk to each one of my children this past week, so all is well. 🙂 Thank you, Shepherd, for the beautiful closeness yesterday while I rested, feeling like you were as close as my own breath. That was awesome, and I can’t wait to come HOME some day. I pray you give me enough to keep me busy here, so that the waiting is nothing more than bittersweetness. Thank you for giving me YOU to look forward to, knowing that some day I can sit at your feet and never have to leave, never have to be distracted by this world, or by this body and its needs for food and shelter. Thank you for hope, and thank you for your awesome daily care of little me.

Romans 9:21 ERV

The one who makes the jar can make anything he wants. He uses the same clay to make different things. He might make one thing for special purposes and another for daily use. 

Today, Labor Day 2017, we celebrate the daily workers, the people in this nation who have humble, often unappreciated jobs. They may be poor (like me!) but they are very important, for they form the foundation of our society. Lord, I thank you for those little ones who work as unto you — and even those who work for a paycheck and nothing more. And even more so, I thank you for making me one of YOUR daily vessels, creating me as a slow and steady, consistent servant for you, without the distraction of big glory or notoriety. I much appreciate and prefer being a lowly vessel designed for your daily use. For it seems to me that it is our daily use items — our special pillow and blanket, our special drinking cup, our special hairbrush or toothbrush and all the other simple favorites that fill our days — that are closest to our hearts — or at LEAST receive the most moments of touch, lol. I am glad you have big and bold, beautiful and glorious showcase trophy servants on your wall, Father. But I also thank you for giving me a place among your lowly daily use servants. I thank you again for your closeness, your care, your mercy. Amen.