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Contact Fran

Hi there, and thank you for your visit. 😀
Currently I have limited access to wifi and very limited mobile data as well, so while you can go ahead and email me, I may not get back to you immediately. You can also TEXT me at 214-729-6376, but I typically do not answer voice calls from unknown sources, and I frequently go several days without having any phone service — voice or text.

Another way to contact me is to leave a comment on one of the posts on this website.
(look for “Leave a Comment” below each post)
Comments left on this site are NOT automatically posted (made public), but rather will be “held for moderation”, which means that after I read it (it could take a week, actually!), I can reply to your contact number/address, keeping things private — so if you desire a private reply, be sure to leave your email address, or phone number if you prefer texting. (See above and below about voice phone) 🙂
If you don’t leave an email address or phone number, I will assume your message should be posted and replied to publicly. Thanks! 😉


If you want to make a donation, anonymous or not, you can send $5 or more via PayPal.
My PayPal email address is fhilgen [at] hotmail [dot com].
I also accept monthly support through Patreon.
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I definitely am aware that not everyone online is as REAL as they claim to be, so I welcome you to message me first using one of the methods above. I hope you find me to be more real than expected, lol. 😛
Of course, you CAN use the form below, and hopefully I will have enough internet access to wade through my email box and find your message. Please be aware that when my situation is most dire, it may be a week or so before I receive it and get back to you.

Thank you for all your prayers, Dear Sisters and Brethren! :O>



Why not voice phone?
For several reasons, both physical and otherwise, I often understand only about 20 to 40 percent of what is spoken to me on the phone and other electronic devices. Therefore voice calls are both stressful and unreliable to me.

Please contact me using the written word instead, so I can comprehend all that you say.
Thanks! :O>


Fran Lafferty   |
God is Faithful! 😀


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