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Contact Fran

Hi there, and thank you for your visit. šŸ˜€
The future is uncertain but it is looking like I will soon be homeless and with limited internet access…

~ ~ If you live in the DFW (north Texas) area, will you PLEASE consider visiting and buying some of my heART (see or some of my husband‘s tools or other things — to help us out?!
We are basically selling everything we own to try to get a working vehicle! Thanks for at least considering it. :O> ~ ~

The fastest, surest way to contact me is to leave a reply/comment on one of the posts on this website.
(look for “Leave a Comment” below each post)
Your comment will NOT be automatically posted (made public), but rather will be “held for moderation”, which means I will immediately see an alert to your message on my phone. Then I could send you a reply by email, keeping things private — so if you desire a private reply, be sure to leave your email address, or phone number if you prefer texting. (See below about voice phone) šŸ™‚
If you don’t leave an email address or phone number, I will assume your message should be posted and replied to publicly. Thanks! šŸ˜‰


If you want to make a donation, anonymous or not, you can send $5 or more via PayPal.
My PayPal email address is fhilgen [at] hotmail [dot com].
I also accept monthly support through Patreon.
I welcome you to message me first — preferably by leaving a reply/comment, as noted above. I can keep my reply private, if you give me your email address or phone number (to text).
Of course, you CAN use the form below, and hopefully I will have enough internet access to wade through my email box and find your message. šŸ˜‰

Thank you for all your prayers, Dear Sisters and Brethren! :O>



What about phones?
Sorry, I don’t do voice except in person.
Please contact me using the written word.
Thanks! :O>


Fran Lafferty   |
God is Faithful! šŸ˜€