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Jun 17

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for getting my oldest son settled in his new apartment, and thank you for letting me finally get a good night of sleep. I am looking forward to healing more from this painful loss of my Tiny Friend. Please be very near me today, Lord, as this is my first […]

Mar 4

Good morning, Lord. I am still not much understanding this new writing thing. I feel different, almost like I am “in training” or even in recovery from surgery — but I don’t know how to progress or even how to set my attitude. Still, I am trusting in you to lead the way, Shepherd. I […]

Mar 3

Good morning, Lord! Whew! Last night seemed to be several nights long! I actually feel like I went on some type of voyage while I slept. Thank you for my time with my husband, and with YOU, Lord! Thank you for showing me how my imagination has been activated and how I really do have […]

Jan 23

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for letting me start my newest website yesterday! Somehow, I feel more complete, more fully alive. Like I can breathe out fully now. The pouring forth of my soul in writing deeply about my life and experiences feels like a sigh or a healing exhalation. Perhaps that is […]