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Oct 18

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the highly personalized encouragement and nurturing early this morning, and thank you for the closeness and peace between myself and my Mate. Thank you for helping us to have patience with each other and with your timing in our lives. Please help us finish up all our little tasks […]

Oct 15

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the nice, super-early start to my day, having time with my husband and time with you, AND a 45-minute walk, all before 8am! Thank you for all the things I am learning, and thank you for the personal instruction yesterday, your Spirit showing me clearly some of […]

Feb 4

Good morning, Father. Thank you so much for letting me finally get a good night of sleep! I don’t feel particularly better, more alert, or closer to you this morning, but I suspect that dream I had last night is interfering. I give you the hurt that is behind that dream and was triggered by […]