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May 27

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the peace in the house this morning, and thank you for all the nice, cool weather we’ve had… it’s awesome! 😀 Thank you so much for helping me get all that mowing done yesterday, before the big storm last night and this morning. It is a relief to have […]

May 8

Happy Mother’s Day to me! :O> I do not have a mother, as mine died over 7 years ago, but I have heard from all 4 of my own children in the last 24 hours, so that’s super-nice! Thank you, Lord! Please help my oldest son find his way to your will for him. Please […]

Mar 11

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for my breakthrough last night! My financial situation may not look any better, but my future has a bit more purpose in it — thank you! Father, thank you for encouraging me by showing me something I am very good at, that can help others, AND that uses […]

Jan 14

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for providing for both myself and my husband yesterday! Thank you for letting me get some work done — enough so that I felt better about spending the rest of the day helping my husband do his work. It turned out very well — thank you! 😀 Now, […]

Jan 4

Good morning, Father. Thank you so much for holding my heart, helping me stay put rather than run. Please let my voice be heard and restore to me my honor. I ask you to detach me enough from this situation that it no longer undermines my self-confidence, preventing me from growing and moving forward. I […]