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Jul 31

Thank you, Lord, for good people in my life. Thank you for freedom — body, mind, and spirit. Thank you that I am not addicted to any substance, but please help me to be patient and kind to everyone who IS addicted to something. Thank you for beautiful people like Vivian who do their best […]

Jul 1

Lord I thank you for the cooler weather today. Thank you for creativity and art. Thank you for my love of learning and my appreciation for words and for people. Please strengthen my heart and help me to be strong and keep looking to you. Amen.

  Psalms 34:7‭-‬10, 12-13 ERV

The Lord’s angel builds […]

Feb 16

Good morning, Father. Thank you for protecting and caring for myself and my loved ones. Thank you for helping me be calm and hopeful, and thank you for the super-productive day yesterday! Thank you for making my body strong enough to walk an hour and carry back groceries, day after day, week after week, month […]

Feb 1

Good morning, Father. I thank you, Lord, that you are ENOUGH to sustain me — no matter what is going on around me, no matter what is going on, inside me. Thank you for holding me up, keeping me going, giving me strength to pour out to others even when I feel like I have […]

Jan 12

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for the awesome warm weather lately – 80 degrees yesterday, in January!! And now it is already 69 degrees, while I sit on the porch, typing on my phone and listening to birds sing and the distant train rumble. Father, you see that my computer is on the fritz again, […]

Nov 22

Good morning, Father. Thank you for giving me the stamina to complete the literally on-my-knees work all day yesterday, and thank you for keeping my spirits up despite all the difficulties and despairing circumstances. Please guide my husband what to do with his truck, how to get it home, and how to get transportation once […]

Oct 18

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for this most awesome start to my day – time with the hubby, warmup exercise at home, then a 50-minute walk to the post office and back, passing up a few hundred cars stuck in the local traffic jam (and thus having ample opportunity for gratitude!!!). Thank you for my […]

Aug 6

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for your awesome lovingkindness and constant help and support! Thank you for helping my children, and keeping us all safe and healthy. Please be with my husband today, let him feel your closeness, your protection, your companionship, Lord. Protect his truck from further injury and keep his body and mind […]

Aug 4

Hello, Father. Thank you so much for your mercy in bringing my husband home safely yesterday, not letting him get heatstroke waiting on the side of the road for hours! Please give him the wisdom and understanding to know how to fix his truck so that we can go pick up my daughter from her […]

Jul 16

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the joy in my heart this morning! It is such a delight to share my life with the Almighty God, always having hope for the coming hours and days…! Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for keeping my husband and my children safe and healthy. […]

Feb 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for this awesome beautiful day, and for all this nice warm weather we’re having lately! Thank you for my “night off” last night, for all the fun and lightheartedness. Thank you for giving me a chance to explain to my daughter how letting go of past hurts and […]