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Feb 3

Hello, Father. Thank you for the tender sweet care this morning, keeping me snug in bed while the fire got going and the house got warmer. Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, carrying me through these difficult days. Thank you for the coming warmer weather, and thank you for my space heaters and my […]

Dec 24

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for giving me so much sleep last night — perhaps even too much, if I were to quantify it! 😛 Please help me to rely less and less on the CLOCK and more and more on looking to you for guidance and timing. Thank you for encouraging me in my […]

Jan 9

Good morning, Father! Thank you for helping my daughter yesterday, bringing people around her to encourage her and let her know we all care. Please help us both at the horse place this morning, being with us as we learn and serve. Lord, I thank you for the relative humbleness of my heart this morning, […]