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Mar 24

Thank you, Lord, for the slightly open window this morning, and throughout the night! It is lovely to wake up to the scent and feel of fresh air in the camper, instead of the stale overheated air caused by having the heater on during the night! My little self worries about the coming Texas heat… […]

Jun 23

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the fun time I had last night, making my crazy art — even though I stayed up later than I had planned. Thank you for the freedom I’m starting to feel more frequently, and thank you for the courage to create, to not try to conform to some ideal […]

Apr 14

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for getting me up and going nice and early, despite feeling dizzy again. Thank you for helping me to learn a couple tactics that make the dizzies bearable, or at least help it not be as bad in the long run. Please continue to teach me how NOT to aggravate […]