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Feb 6

Father, please help me through this time. I feel out of control, I guess from the hormones, I don’t know. I cannot think straight, cannot see well, barely even know my own name, it seems. I could describe this crazy sensation a thousand different ways, but it seems best to just keep quiet, and let […]

Feb 4

Good morning, Father. Thank you for your awesome care, keeping us safe and in good health. Thank you for giving us enough wood to heat part of the house up a bit, so we do not get too cold and discouraged. Please guide us each step of the way, Father. None of us know what […]

Feb 21

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for a good night of sleep, and thank you for letting my husband and daughter have a nice trip yesterday, visiting his family. Please guide me in my work today, and help me to have faith that you do love me and are still caring for me, even though it […]