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Feb 8

Father, please help me let go of all expectation to hold onto anything, for any length of time. Help me to keep always in mind that NO human DESERVES anything from God, but that all we have is due to your mercy alone. I have asked you to protect my heart from bitterness, and you […]

Dec 5

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for your patient care. Thank you for helping me through the panic attacks this morning, for enabling me to just get up and take a shower and let you protect me. Thank you that I will not ALWAYS be helpless before my own changing hormones, that some day […]

Jun 11

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for taking care of myself and my family! Please be with my friend in New York and help her have a good weekend. Show her how much you love and care for her, comfort and protect her, mighty Shepherd! Thank you for being with my oldest son, helping him make […]