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Sep 12

Hello, Father. Thank you for so much progress on many fronts, even though so many Unknowns still loom ahead. I appreciate the stability and peace you have provided, and I ask you to continue to bless the people and relationships here that are all somewhat stressed under the changes and question marks. Please help each […]

Dark Night

Lord, this night is hard. So many people in my world are suicidal or suffering at the hand of despair. My own daughter is attacking me, blaming me, despite my insistence on respecting her, treating her as I would wish YOU to treat me, Lord. I have given my very best to everyone I know, […]

Jan 5

Good morning, Father. Thank you for making me humble, or at least more so than I was. I know I still have a lot of pride, especially when I get hurt and angry. Thank you for letting the impact be smaller than if I were to rage at someone while I was mad. Thank you […]

Jan 4

Good morning, Father. Thank you so much for holding my heart, helping me stay put rather than run. Please let my voice be heard and restore to me my honor. I ask you to detach me enough from this situation that it no longer undermines my self-confidence, preventing me from growing and moving forward. I […]

Jan 3

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for taking care of me last night, when I was so very uncomfortable. Thank you for holding me, comforting me, letting me feel your presence. Please be with me today, help me remember to act in love rather than aggitation or impatience. Help me to be a real help to […]