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Oct 3

Good morning, Father! Thank you for this awesome Monday morning, and thank you for the enthusiasm in my heart this morning, excited about art and even a bit about some other things in life right now — like the wonderful weather lately! 😀 Lord, I ask you to be with my husband today as he […]

Aug 4

Hello, Father. Thank you so much for your mercy in bringing my husband home safely yesterday, not letting him get heatstroke waiting on the side of the road for hours! Please give him the wisdom and understanding to know how to fix his truck so that we can go pick up my daughter from her […]

Jul 31

Good morning, Lord! Thank you so much for all the joy and hope you have placed in my heart, the excitement of knowing that YOU are in control and watching over me, guiding my path. Thank you for your awesome mercy, Lord, for I certainly do not deserve such loving care. Thank you for redemption, […]

Apr 23

Good morning, Father! Thank you for your awesome care and redemption, Lord! Thank you for leading me to water to drink, even in a dry land. Thank you for the new bird in my front yard, and the appearance of familiar visitors to my one bird feeder. Thank you for the shade and the smell […]