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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Sep 30

Good morning, Father! Thank you for getting me up and going this morning, with some brisk exercise to wake me and warm me! Thank you for the cooler weather, and the nice walk I had in it last night. Thank you for my enthusiasm and determination this morning, and thank you for giving my husband […]

Aug 31

Good morning, Father! Thank you for your awesome provision and protection, for getting me home safely last night through all the crazy traffic and construction. Thank you for the joy in my heart this morning, and my excitement to make progress on my goals, both work and personal. Father, I pray that you be very […]

Aug 21

Hello, Father. I feel so “off” today, and I am getting a bit frustrated with myself now. I write, erase, write, erase. My head feels funny. I know that my head has been stuffy, and it was even bad enough to take a sinus pill last night. So perhaps that’s the problem — I just […]

Aug 14

Good morning, Father. Thank you for giving my husband time to vent while still making it short enough that my ears did not get overwhelmed. Please be with him today, and move him forward in your plan for his life. Bring him very close to you and reveal to him whatever he needs to see, […]

Aug 9

Good morning, Father. I feel rather down and despairing this morning. But I know that you understand my heart even more than I do myself, and you are still caring for me. Thank you, Lord. I will not give up, will not give in, will not lay down and declare the battle won. I know […]

Aug 1

Good morning, Father. Thank you for being such a reliable, stabilizing force while I endure the rollercoaster of premenopause! Yesterday morning I was so up, and today I am just plain skittish — not sad, not really fearful, definitely not angry or anything else quite recognizable. I just feel vulnerable, like I want to put […]

Jul 20

Good morning, Father! Thank you for the nice way of waking up this morning, and already having done some work on my art! Thank you for my husband’s lightness and cheerfulness this morning, and thank you so much for taking awesome care of him! Please help him in this heat, Lord. Protect him and help […]

Jul 11

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the awesome progress yesterday — not just in accomplishment that can be seen, but mainly in personal growth, moving past some of my barriers (yay!). Now this morning, the enemy has already stood up and taken a direct shot to my heart, and although your shield has protected me […]

Jul 7

Good morning, Father. Thank you for helping me get more organized lately, so I can be more efficient and pace myself throughout the day, make progress on MANY things every day, and yet not get so burned out. Please continue to teach me and guide me and show me your path for my life. Amen! […]

Jun 25

Hello, God. I feel really BROKEN today. Almost lifeless, empty, stuck in something that I cannot even SEE. I give myself to you, Lord. I ask you to help me, and I KNOW that you will, because you are Faithful. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, if this is part of mourning, part of […]

Apr 24

Good morning, Lord. Thank you so much for the fun time with my husband again last night. Please help him today, as he tries to finish up a couple jobs that didn’t get finished during the work week. Please have mercy, Lord, and let the jobs get finished quickly, and give my husband the strength […]

Apr 17

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the nice rain and darkened, cozy house today. It feels like the atmosphere is much more relaxed than it has been on my husband’s other Sundays off, and he is even resting — yay! Please let your peace reign in our home today, and let us all feel your […]

Mar 16

Good morning, God. Please, please take care of me and my Little Ones today. I feel afraid, shaky, unstable. Help me to be brave and face what needs to be done. Let me do it in stages, if that will help. And when it is over, please let me relax and do some art or […]

Feb 27

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for being with my husband yesterday, keeping him safe and his truck keepin’ on goin’! Thank you for giving me a good balance between productivity and relaxation, and for waking me with a new realization, a new perspective. I don’t know exactly what you have in store for me, but […]

Feb 15

Good morning, Lord! Wow, I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already! I wonder when my son finishes his military training. I think it was supposed to be some time this month, but I haven’t heard from him. When he communicates, it is very little beyond, “I’ve been really busy”. I miss him, Lord. […]

Feb 11

Good morning, Father! Thank you for holding me this morning, preparing me, comforting me, healing me. Thank you for taking such awesome care of my husband, keeping him busy and hopeful during this time of could-be upheaval. It is such an encouraging witness to myself and to my daughter to see how far you’ve brought […]