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Dec 1

Good morning, Father! Thank you for enthusiasm and HOPE! Thank you for taking such awesome care of me, always giving me ENOUGH to make it, and even to be encouraged! Father, I feel sad that my husband and my friend in New York are struggling so hard, sometimes barely holding on. My husband will seem […]

Oct 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you for getting me up bright and early for a morning wake up walk today! 😀 Thank you for caring intimately for me, Shepherd! I look forward to our adventures together, as I learn more about you, more about myself, and more about your people and your world. Thank you, Father, […]

Mar 21

Good morning, Shepherd. I am hanging on for dear life, and so is my husband. We are trusting you, Lord. Please come through for us, be our hero, meet our needs. As far as we know, we have done everything you asked of us. I remember nothing you have asked me to repent of that […]