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Apr 14

Hello, Father. Thank you for the extremely humbling day yesterday, showing me my limitations and my foolish pride, so that I might have a chance to be humble and gentle and GROW! Please help me to remember and to apply these lessons you have taught me, Lord. Teach ne how to control my tongue and […]

Jan 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for all the good fellowship in the early hours of this day, thank you for laughter and gentle understandings. Thank you for working on me and on my family, Lord. Thank you for your awesome care and growth! Lord, I feel so content and lacking nothing, but I […]

Apr 10

Good morning, Father. Thank you for giving me the patience and calmness to endure both my daughter and my husband monopolizing my computer yesterday and today. Please help me to continue to show mercy, grace, and love to them, and let this house be filled with your peace on this, my husband’s one day off […]