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Jul 7

Well, my earthly father would be 89 years old today, if he were still alive. And HIS father, my namesake — Frank Bachman (I was born Fran Bachman) — died 42 years ago today, on 7-7-77. Lord God, you seem to like writing special little quirks of timing and such into the story you are […]

Jan 19

Hello, Lord! Thank you for the craziness of this day, for all your provisions and mercies and growth. Thank you for giving us each enough HOPE to hold onto, to be reassured that you really do care about our hearts, not just our spirits. You are so much MORE than the religious depiction of a […]

Dec 17

Wow! I almost missed a day! It’s been almost an entire year, and I almost didn’t post on one of the last few days, lol. Well, no biggie, my bad. It just was a crazy day. The high today was supposed to be 71 and the low 17, and when I got up, my husband […]

Jul 23

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for a peaceful beginning to this restful Sabbath day, and thank you for helping me find something good to eat for breakfast. Please give me the courage to do the things you have given me to do today, let my heart be strong and willing to heal. Please be with […]

May 1

Good morning, Lord! I am finally feeling more like my old self — thank you, Father! 😀 Lord, I really want to do some work that I can be proud of, and make enough money to buy my contacts and get my car running again and pay off my debts. I know that you desire […]

Apr 25

Good morning, Father. Thank you for getting me up bright and early this morning. Please give my body the stamina it needs to mow the lawn here in just a bit. Please also be very near to my little dog, who really seems to be dying. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, for which I thank you. […]

Apr 21

Good morning, Father! Thank you for the breakthrough and fresh motivation on healthy eating yesterday! 😀 Please continue to teach me how to care for my body, so that it can be used to serve you! Please also help my husband figure out how to fix his truck, so he can continue to work and […]