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Jun 6

Hello, Lord! Thank you for this peaceful day, and thank you for leading us to an eye doctor that can see my husband immediately. Please help us get him some glasses ASAP, so we can move forward once again. Please provide enough money to cover our unforeseen expenses, and please continue to bless my son […]

Jan 22

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the awesome learning day yesterday — I am REALLY loving The Great Courses, and they are really helping my heart be strong, with the HOPE that comes of learning, seeing the “bigger picture”! 😀 Thank you for helping me this morning, getting off to a rough start with my […]

Jan 6

Brrrrrr… it is COLD today! Thank you though, Lord, for the warm bed where I didn’t have to feel the cold until I got up. Thank you for the nice dream I had, such a peaceful, serene place and a gentle spirit! Thank you for healing the hurts of the last couple days, establishing growth […]

Dec 27

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for helping me get my computer working better, and thank you for helping me get through that horrible eye pain yesterday. Please perform a miracle and make my old contact lenses last until I can afford the several hundred dollars to get a contact lens exam and new lenses. Thank […]

Dec 5

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for your patient care. Thank you for helping me through the panic attacks this morning, for enabling me to just get up and take a shower and let you protect me. Thank you that I will not ALWAYS be helpless before my own changing hormones, that some day […]

Nov 3

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for the work I’ve already accomplished today, and thank you for helping me find my daughter’s glasses QUICK, so she didn’t have to be without them all day! Please provide enough money for both my daughter and myself to finally go to the eye doctor after 2 years without eye […]

Sep 6

Lord, I don’t feel very awesome, and I am sorry if this is letting you down. I feel like I SHOULD be grateful for what I have, but I am struggling with disappointment and self-pity. I don’t feel like this place is “home” anymore and in fact I feel increasingly more homesick all the time. […]

Aug 22

Hello, Father. Thank you for the progress made last night, although it appears that it will be too little, too late. It appears that we will be kicked out of our home ASAP, and although this does not make me sad, it makes me worry. The biggest obstacle seems to be that I have no […]

Mar 19

Good morning, Father. Thank you so much for giving me a new project to work on today. Please help me to be faithful and not to think it to death…! Help me to just do what you have given me, and leave the fine details for the end. Thank you also for my little breakthrough […]

Feb 25

Good morning, Father! I am so glad that you see my future and still have hope for me, because I certainly am faultering in it! I feel like I will never climb out of poverty, never have a “real job” or a “real life”, and never accomplish anything respectable. I am the most calm and […]

Feb 18

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me get my project almost done yesterday! Please help me to finish it up today, and guide me to the next step along that path. Please be with my husband today, and help him solve the troubles of his job this morning. Please be with my […]