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Feb 5

Lord, I don’t think I can be much more content than I am right now, heehee. 😀 Outside of being broke and needing contact lenses, everything seems to be awesome — the weather, progress in my work, all my relationships… and mostly my health (just minor complaints). I LOVE having my Mate nearby, working outdoors […]

Dec 27

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for helping me get my computer working better, and thank you for helping me get through that horrible eye pain yesterday. Please perform a miracle and make my old contact lenses last until I can afford the several hundred dollars to get a contact lens exam and new lenses. Thank […]

Jul 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me set up an Etsy shop last night! I really didn’t think I had enough finished art to present to the world, and I’ve only got like 3 things up so far (with 5 more going up today — thank you, Lord!), but this is already […]

Mar 29

Good morning, Father. Thank you for helping me get up before dawn this morning and get out there and get the back yard mowed — before the neighbor let their dog out! Thank you for showing me, reassuring me that it is NOT me, for I have never hated an animal, but that black lab’s […]

Mar 26

Lord, may I tell you what hurts, even though I know you already know? It grieves me to see my husband turn away from your truth, shut up his mouth, set his mind to not mention our faith in you to anyone again, because of our landlord, who claims to be a “Christian”. Lord, it […]

Feb 18

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me get my project almost done yesterday! Please help me to finish it up today, and guide me to the next step along that path. Please be with my husband today, and help him solve the troubles of his job this morning. Please be with my […]