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November 28

Yay!! There is HOPE! I have a small amount of wifi during the DAY today!! Heehee, well too bad I didn’t get ANY real sleep last night, lol. Still, I feel quite blessed and content, no complaints. THANK YOU, Father, for the awesome gifts of a soul Mate and this peaceful time to share with […]

Jun 17

Good morning, Father. Thank you for being my Father and my Lord and my greatest source of comfort and protection, every day of my life. Thank you for continually showing me your Love — not just by feeding me encouragement and wisdom and strength, but also by chastising me, pruning away all the things in […]

Apr 21

Good morning, Father! Thank you for the breakthrough and fresh motivation on healthy eating yesterday! 😀 Please continue to teach me how to care for my body, so that it can be used to serve you! Please also help my husband figure out how to fix his truck, so he can continue to work and […]

Apr 15

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the peaceful slowness I have this morning, feeling unhurried and unworried. Please heal up whatever this is making me feel weak and dizzy, so that I can be strong enough to walk to the store to get the groceries today. And please heal it up good over the weekend, […]