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May 5

Lord, there seems to be this giant ball of hurt and shame that is weakening me, robbing me of joy and productivity. No, it’s not more than I can bear — but it does seem to be more than what I can THRIVE with. You see it all, you have been there with me through […]

Feb 23

Good morning, Father. It really feels like it’s been longer than one day since my last post. Father, please forgive my achy heart, with its roots watered by too many salty tears. My heart feels like it is begging for comfort and solid support, but I know that the only true stability lies in YOU, […]

Feb 8

Father, please help me let go of all expectation to hold onto anything, for any length of time. Help me to keep always in mind that NO human DESERVES anything from God, but that all we have is due to your mercy alone. I have asked you to protect my heart from bitterness, and you […]

Oct 23

Lord, it is hard not knowing what is happening to my husband and daughter. It is hurtful of them not to respond to my texts, not to send me even one single line in all these hours, letting me know they are okay. They could have gotten in a car accident or pulled over by […]