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May 18

Good morning, Father. Thank you for being near to me this morning, encouraging me and guiding me. Thank you for the personal little gift that only you could give! Please be with my husband today, keep him safe and bring him home safely. Please be with my tiny dog, for his cough is growing worrisome. […]

Apr 15

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the peaceful slowness I have this morning, feeling unhurried and unworried. Please heal up whatever this is making me feel weak and dizzy, so that I can be strong enough to walk to the store to get the groceries today. And please heal it up good over the weekend, […]

Apr 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you for helping my head feel better, and helping me get enough exercise and art in yesterday. I think I am better able to concentrate on my work now than I have been in over a month — thank you so much! Father, I give to you my time and my […]