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Feb 13

Hello, Father. Thank you so much for gently leading me through the day yesterday, and all these last few weeks that have been so challenging on so many levels. I think if I ever have only ONE major life struggle to endure at once, I may feel like I’m getting spoiled rotten, lol! But in […]

May 4

Good morning, Father! Thank you for the excitement in my heart today, and my eagerness to work on several different projects I have going! Please guide me and help me to hear you, my Shepherd, so that I may accomplish your will and not my own. Please help me to cling to you more fastidiously, […]

Apr 23

Good morning, Father! Thank you for your awesome care and redemption, Lord! Thank you for leading me to water to drink, even in a dry land. Thank you for the new bird in my front yard, and the appearance of familiar visitors to my one bird feeder. Thank you for the shade and the smell […]