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Mar 28

Hello, Lord! I am getting quite excited, looking forward to freedom and exploration in the days to come! I know there will be the Unknown to face every day, not having a regular “home” to call my own, but at least I have TWO awesome husbands, one eternal and one messed-up human, just like me. […]

Mar 22

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for your awesome patience with me, as I learn new things and fumble my way forward along your path. I thank you that I can trust you to let me know whenever I stray off your path, allowing me a CHOICE to continue to follow you, or go […]

Nov 29

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for two awesome walks yesterday, in the morning and again in the evening! Thank you for the nice cool weather we’re having, staying in the 50s and 60s. Thank you for helping me prepare for even colder weather, down into the 30s! Please encourage me to try walking even when […]

Oct 26

Good morning, Lord. I thank you for this most awesome weather we’ve been having lately! Thank you for being with me during the night, when I really needed a friend, a companion, and someone to help me stay calm and see the bigger picture. Thank you for reminding me of all the notes I have […]

Aug 23

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for the peaceful comforting of my heart by your Holy Spirit early this morning, and thank you so much for the strong assurance that you’ve got my husband covered on his birthday! Please be with him everywhere he goes today, Lord. Give him a surprising measure of peace and joy […]

Aug 7

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for the nice long walk last night, and the new insight into the way I think and how it can be improved! Thank you for bringing my husband and daughter home safely, and thank you for the peace in the house. Please encourage us all in the things we need […]

Jul 18

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for taking good care of my husband, keeping him out of the heat yesterday so he could recover a bit more. Please spare him the worst of the heat today, protect him, keep him safe and healthy. Please give him the wisdom and endurance to do his job, and please […]

Jul 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me set up an Etsy shop last night! I really didn’t think I had enough finished art to present to the world, and I’ve only got like 3 things up so far (with 5 more going up today — thank you, Lord!), but this is already […]

Jul 12

God, please grant me the serentity to accept the things I cannot change. You ALWAYS give me the courage to at least be willing to change the things I can — to hand them over to you, to hold them up in the Light of your Truth. To let YOU touch me, change me, grow […]

Jul 3

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the opportunity to make an elaborate breakfast for my husband this morning. It seems like he really needs the extra attention and affection, and he needed to be heard and have something done his way — without having to fight for it. Father, I am so excited […]

Jun 2

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for this peaceful, warm, overcast morning! Thank you for reassurring me, encouraging me, reminding me that YOU are the author of this life, and I am only just the main character in my own particular version of the story. Please help me to continue learning how to be dependent upon […]

May 22

Good morning, Lord. Thank you so much for the fellowship time with my husband, and for helping him become more experienced at work so that it is finally becoming easier for him. Please help him, cover him, go before him and blaze the way through the rough waters ahead. Show him your awesome grace! 😀


May 2

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for an awesome productive day yesterday, pretty much back to my old self. Thank you for being near me during the night, and thank you for my husband’s kindness, comforting me through some rough dreams and memories. Thank you for being with me this morning, helping me to just keep […]

Apr 4

Good morning, Lord. Father, I lift up my friend M to you, and ask you to be with her in a special way today. Please give her peace and a big, warm, fatherly hug! Encourage her and set her free from the enemy’s lies and distractions. Help her see how much you love her and […]

Apr 3

Good morning, Father. Thank you for giving me the ability and determination to walk to the store every day, to keep up on groceries and accomplish other tasks, while I have no car. Thank you for the support of friends and people in your Church who love you and encourage me with their faith! Please […]

Apr 2

Good morning, Father. Lord, please help my husband, as I know you already are. He is so tired, so stressed, running so ragged with the software on his phone for his job not working and the possibility of not even getting paid from THIS company for the work he’s been doing because of problems with […]

Mar 26

Lord, may I tell you what hurts, even though I know you already know? It grieves me to see my husband turn away from your truth, shut up his mouth, set his mind to not mention our faith in you to anyone again, because of our landlord, who claims to be a “Christian”. Lord, it […]

Mar 15

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for this early start to my day, and thank you for the nice nature-time and art-making time yesterday! Please continue to guide my path and give me things to encourage and strengthen me along the way. Lord, I pray that you draw very near to my husband today, […]

Jan 30

Hello, Lord! It seems strange to be writing this so late in the day. Thank you for blessing us so much: awesome times with my husband last night and this morning, plus peaceful and productive time at the horse place with my daughter today. Please help me to get a little time alone, so I […]

Jan 3

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for taking care of me last night, when I was so very uncomfortable. Thank you for holding me, comforting me, letting me feel your presence. Please be with me today, help me remember to act in love rather than aggitation or impatience. Help me to be a real help to […]