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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Mar 2

Hello, Father! Thank you for the perfect weather, and lots of time for both work and play. Thank you for healing my knee a little bit more each day, and thank you for making it so that I do not have to stress it with excess bending or walking. Thank you for sunshine and peace […]

Jul 24

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for your enduring mercy and care, my Lord! Thank you for helping me through yesterday, when the tears started up again, missing my Tiny Friend. I’m not sure how much the hormone crazies are getting me, or if it is just normal to start crying again, after a couple weeks […]

Jun 19

Good morning, Father. Finally, I can breathe around this big hole in my heart left by my Tiny Friend. Thank you, Father, for bringing me through the first 5 days of grieving, and not letting that Black Hole of Loneliness cause me to do anything stupid! Thank you for protecting me, guiding me, comforting and […]

Jun 18

Good morning, Father. In some way, I feel like I have betrayed my Tiny Friend, for I have made it past the two things that were holding me to him. I took down his outdoor pen and mowed in the front yard, and I took a shower and (what feels like) washed him all off […]

Jun 17

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for getting my oldest son settled in his new apartment, and thank you for letting me finally get a good night of sleep. I am looking forward to healing more from this painful loss of my Tiny Friend. Please be very near me today, Lord, as this is my first […]

Jun 16

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the warmth and encouragement in my heart this morning. Thank you for letting my daughter stay here today, instead of either going to her friend’s for a week (as originally planned) or going to work with my husband (as is normal). It really seems like I need her more […]

Jun 15

Hello, Father. My heart is hurting, I really, really miss my Tiny Friend, my constant companion for the last 12+ years. I have been doing so well, and I thank you for so awesomely removing all guilt and uncertainty from my grief load. I cannot imagine how much worse it would be, if I were […]

Jun 14

Lord, this hurts, and I guess it’s only going to get worse. I have to put my tiny dog down today. After 12 years of faithful and loyal companionship, all I can give him is a peaceful end. But you could have done that, Lord! I still don’t know I’m making the best decision. Yet […]

Jun 13

Hello, Father. My heart is so heavy, and my eyes keep tearing up. My poor little 15+ year-old pomeranian — my constant companion for the past 12 years — is leaving us soon. You see, Lord. You know. I have set an appointment with the vet for tomorrow afternoon, to have him put down. He […]

Jun 6

Good morning, Lord! It seems like longer than a day ago since I did my last post. I stayed up most of the night with my tiny dog, feeling almost certain he was going to die, and I just wanted to comfort him, let him know he is loved and cared for. He seemed more […]