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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Dec 3

Good morning, Lord. Thank you so much for your awesomely patient and enduring care! Thank you for helping me past bad dreams last night, without any ill effect this morning. Thank you for helping me be patient and longsuffering and upbeat. Thank you for all the massive progress yesterday, finally being caught up on my […]

Sep 17

Good morning, Father! Thank you for getting me up bright and early on this Sabbath morning, and thank you for the excitement and motivation I have today! Please be with my husband in his work today, Lord. Keep him safe and keep his body strong. Please increase my income AND give him something to do […]

Sep 13

Good morning, Father. Thank you for your enduring patience and care. Please continue healing me and drawing me back close to you, holding nothing back and yielding all of me to you. I trust you, Lord. Help me to let go of all the small sticky spots, those isolated corners where I hang onto my […]

Sep 2

Good morning, Lord! Thank you soooooooo much for your awesome mercy and faithful care! Thank you for helping me remain more or less calm throughout the day yesterday, and learning about mindfulness and acceptance more and more. Thank you for helping me face my fears and thank you for forcing me out of my comfort […]

Jul 16

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the joy in my heart this morning! It is such a delight to share my life with the Almighty God, always having hope for the coming hours and days…! Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for keeping my husband and my children safe and healthy. […]

Apr 27

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for preserving me. Thank you for preserving my little dog. Thank you for holding me, not dropping me, even when I twist and turn in your hand. Please help me past the barriers in my life, the enemy outside me and my flesh inside me. Please prune the negative, draining […]

Mar 14

Good morning, Lord! Thank you so much for helping me complete the first major step in the new work you have given me! I put the whole thing into your hands, where it will be safe. You have prepared the ground faithfully over the years, churning up the soil of my heart with healing and […]