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Feb 19

Good morning, Father. I need to kinda cling to you for support right now again, staying close to HOME for help, lol. Noises are overwhelming me, echoing loudly, rattling my sore brain, and I feel a bit vulnerable, like I am standing on a precipice. I am trusting you to help me be strong enough […]

Apr 14

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for getting me up and going nice and early, despite feeling dizzy again. Thank you for helping me to learn a couple tactics that make the dizzies bearable, or at least help it not be as bad in the long run. Please continue to teach me how NOT to aggravate […]

Apr 6

Good morning, Lord. I’m so dizzy this morning that it may be difficult to walk to the store here in a bit. Still, having walked there the last 5 days in a row, it seems an easy enough thing, like my feet can do it on their own without much help from my head. 🙂 […]