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Aug 9

Good morning, Father. Lord, you know that I have been feeling quite discouraged in my work lately. It seems like trash, worthless, useless. Not one person has bought an extended membership at, and I am starting to think that people don’t even want printables any longer. My H.E.R. website is dead in the water, […]

Feb 28

Hi, Father. I think I am in some type of rut. Although I’ve made some progress today, I still feel like I am failing, running out of time — or making poor use of my time. Not learning, doing, creating, working FAST enough. I WANT to just be at ease and trust you to order […]

Sep 24

Good morning, Father. Thank you for your kindness and patience with us while we struggle to give our disappointment and discouragement to you. Thank you for making it easier and lighter than I could have hoped for. Thank you for helping my husband and my sister not be mad at me at all, not blaming […]

Oct 19

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the nice morning walks I’ve been having lately, and thank you for encouraging my art and my learning. Father, please help me not to get overly discouraged with my lack of income, but to keep doing what you have given me to do. I feel betrayed by my online […]

Oct 6

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the nice peaceful birthday with all the awesome COLORS! Thank you for encouraging my art, and please help me to overcome the DIScouragement I am facing with my educational websites. I do not know if it is you that is turning me away from all the K-12 stuff (teaching […]

Mar 18

Good morning, Lord. I am still very low on hope, and frustrated with myself and with life. But I do not wish to dwell on that. I wish instead to just hand all that over to you, and trust you, and keep looking to you. I know you will provide everything I actually need, even […]

Feb 25

Good morning, Father! I am so glad that you see my future and still have hope for me, because I certainly am faultering in it! I feel like I will never climb out of poverty, never have a “real job” or a “real life”, and never accomplish anything respectable. I am the most calm and […]