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Mar 9

Good morning, Father! Thank you for the unique perspectives yesterday, playfully jumping in to interact with old things and create new ones without analyzing much at all! Thank you for new beginnings like constructing my personal brand and logo, and brainstorming how to redesign some of my old websites. Thank you for helping me to […]

Apr 7

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for helping me yesterday and letting me get a good night of sleep last night. Please heal up this crazy dizzy thing I’ve got. It is making it hard to do anything and everything, even to think or to read. I’m glad not to have the bad headaches, and I […]

Jan 18

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me past that terrible stomach trouble yesterday! I thought I was going to throw up, and for a while there I wondered if I was even breathing right. But your mercy was upon me, and I got better. I still feel like I am fighting something […]