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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Aug 15

Good morning, Father. Thank you for a dozen small mercies and helps before even 8am this morning. Thank you for reaching out and touching me right where I am, not expecting me to heal myself and come to you spotless. I soooo love the way you Love, Father. My heart aches for peeps I have […]

Aug 14

Lord, I am really trying to hang in there, to hang onto my faith and believe that you will come through for me. But I grow more discouraged and farther into “survival mode” each day. I bounce out of it and feel certain that you will provide… but then I just sink right back into […]

Aug 13

Good morning, Lord. Father, I am sorry to admit that I feel a little nervous, almost neglected lately. I have a bill going unpaid and not even a single dollar to my name, having given every quarter and dollar to my Mate to pay our rent and to others just to help them out. I […]

Aug 11

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for the crazy start to this day, and thank you for the “day off” yesterday, not forcing myself to work, work, work, just fixing a few things on the site that were annoying to me — little alignment issues and such. Thank you for making my brain good enough to […]

Aug 8

Good morning, Father. Thank you for helping me get over 7 hours of sleep in one night!! I even thought I was super-sleeping in, and was quite surprised it wasn’t even 8 hours, when it felt like over 10! I still have this horrible cramp between my shoulders, with a stiff neck — probably from […]

Aug 5

Lord, I thank you for helping me choose gratitude and trust rather than bitterness and despair. Yet I still linger right on the EDGE. You know ALL of my situation, and you know how easy it would be for me to give up right now, how justified I would be to be angry, even suicidal. […]

Aug 4

Good morning, Father. Thank you for helping me make it through that torturous day yesterday. I really wasn’t sure I’d make it. Thank you for giving me good friends to talk to, and thank you for bringing my Mate home safely last night. Please heal us both, Lord. Everything still hurts. I have put my […]

Aug 3

Lord, you see all. Thank you for that. As much as I went through earlier this year… and last year… whatever… (that train of thought is USELESS)… it FEELS like this is somehow harder, more heart-crushing. But yet not. Because you are shielding me, breathing on me, protecting me, encouraging me to not give up, […]

Aug 2

Good morning, Father! THANK YOU for the last two days of progress and PLAY! After 2 1/2 months of slowly making my way through thousands of pages of my printables, much of which I haven’t even touched since 2005-6, yesterday I finally finished going through the last of them, so that they are ALL updated […]