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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Jun 30

Good morning, Father. Thank you for helping me get out of bed nice and early this morning, even though I am still quite groggy and feeling rather weak — probably because it’s the end of the month and my hormones are out of balance again. Thank you for helping me understand how to control that […]

Jun 29

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for the awesome productive day yesterday, so much encouragement and success and I’m really excited about building certain of my websites, along with writing books for Kindle and CreateSpace, and even developing a body of work in my art — actually several different types of artworks! Please help me stay […]

Jun 28

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for getting me up and moving before the sun, in order to be a good help meet for my husband as his day began. Thank you for the fellowship, the stamina, the clear headedness. Thank you for the encouragement. It is awesome to have already accomplished so much […]

Jun 27

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for guiding me yesterday, helping me to start a new project and making such a good start, then moving on to complete another small project that I had started before my Tiny Friend died. Thank you for helping me finish that up and post it, and have a fresh start […]

Jun 26

Good morning, Father. Thank you for keeping me safe, keeping me alive, giving me a chance to live free. Father, I lift myself into your hands, and leave myself there. I look to you and ask you to guide me step by step through this day, for I feel I cannot see very far ahead […]

Jun 25

Hello, God. I feel really BROKEN today. Almost lifeless, empty, stuck in something that I cannot even SEE. I give myself to you, Lord. I ask you to help me, and I KNOW that you will, because you are Faithful. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, if this is part of mourning, part of […]

Jun 24

Good morning, Father. Thank you for giving me such a good, productive day yesterday. The tears are coming less frequently, although it is still very difficult when I come home and there’s no Tiny Friend all excited to see me, waiting to love me, and waiting for my love. I am finding it very difficult […]

Jun 23

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the fun time I had last night, making my crazy art — even though I stayed up later than I had planned. Thank you for the freedom I’m starting to feel more frequently, and thank you for the courage to create, to not try to conform to some ideal […]

Jun 22

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for getting me up so bright and early today, going for a nice morning walk before the day’s heat begins, and getting an awesome, motivating start to the day! Thank you for giving me things to work on, and courage in my heart to work on art. Thank you for […]

Jun 21

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the good cry I had this morning, and thank you for not leaving or forsaking me. I give myself to you, Lord, and I ask you to help me to be a little bit closer to your kingdom tomorrow, than I am today. Help me to be more free, […]

Jun 20

Good morning, Father. Thank you for being near me, directing me, showing me that I am not to add things to myself, but allow you to do so. If I pick something up and expect myself to carry it, I may fall or just not be able to carry the things YOU want me to. […]

Jun 19

Good morning, Father. Finally, I can breathe around this big hole in my heart left by my Tiny Friend. Thank you, Father, for bringing me through the first 5 days of grieving, and not letting that Black Hole of Loneliness cause me to do anything stupid! Thank you for protecting me, guiding me, comforting and […]

Jun 18

Good morning, Father. In some way, I feel like I have betrayed my Tiny Friend, for I have made it past the two things that were holding me to him. I took down his outdoor pen and mowed in the front yard, and I took a shower and (what feels like) washed him all off […]

Jun 17

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for getting my oldest son settled in his new apartment, and thank you for letting me finally get a good night of sleep. I am looking forward to healing more from this painful loss of my Tiny Friend. Please be very near me today, Lord, as this is my first […]

Jun 16

Good morning, Father. Thank you for the warmth and encouragement in my heart this morning. Thank you for letting my daughter stay here today, instead of either going to her friend’s for a week (as originally planned) or going to work with my husband (as is normal). It really seems like I need her more […]

Jun 15

Hello, Father. My heart is hurting, I really, really miss my Tiny Friend, my constant companion for the last 12+ years. I have been doing so well, and I thank you for so awesomely removing all guilt and uncertainty from my grief load. I cannot imagine how much worse it would be, if I were […]

Jun 14

Lord, this hurts, and I guess it’s only going to get worse. I have to put my tiny dog down today. After 12 years of faithful and loyal companionship, all I can give him is a peaceful end. But you could have done that, Lord! I still don’t know I’m making the best decision. Yet […]

Jun 13

Hello, Father. My heart is so heavy, and my eyes keep tearing up. My poor little 15+ year-old pomeranian — my constant companion for the past 12 years — is leaving us soon. You see, Lord. You know. I have set an appointment with the vet for tomorrow afternoon, to have him put down. He […]

Jun 12

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for your awesome mercy, Father! Thank you for forgiveness, for understanding, for patience, for encouragement, for direction! Thank you for choosing me, and never leaving me alone and lost. Thank you for reaching out to me, even when I am certain I do not deserve it. Thank you for teaching […]

Jun 11

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for taking care of myself and my family! Please be with my friend in New York and help her have a good weekend. Show her how much you love and care for her, comfort and protect her, mighty Shepherd! Thank you for being with my oldest son, helping him make […]