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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Feb 29

Thank you, Lord, for the AWESOME fellowship yesterday, and two separate times this morning! Please be with me and help me “catch up”, and please be with my husband and guide him in what he NEEDS to do today, outside and inside the house. Help him to give everything ELSE to you, and be at […]

Feb 28

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for the good talks within the family lately, for letting things get aired and better understood. Thank you that my daughter can trust and confide in my husband, and thank you that he and I are both learning to not get as upset by the others’ words, but to allow […]

Feb 27

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for being with my husband yesterday, keeping him safe and his truck keepin’ on goin’! Thank you for giving me a good balance between productivity and relaxation, and for waking me with a new realization, a new perspective. I don’t know exactly what you have in store for me, but […]

Feb 26

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for renewing my hope! Thank you for waking me up with a more cheerful heart, and for showing me that I can give to you both my “bad” and my “good” — because actually I am neither one! This is really an awesome new concept, and I thank […]

Feb 25

Good morning, Father! I am so glad that you see my future and still have hope for me, because I certainly am faultering in it! I feel like I will never climb out of poverty, never have a “real job” or a “real life”, and never accomplish anything respectable. I am the most calm and […]

Feb 24

Good morning, Lord! Thank you so much for protecting us yesterday, giving us a safe trip and a positive experience. Thank you for healing my heart in the night, removing the hate that sunk like claws into my heart, when I didn’t even know it was there before you showed me. Thank you for the […]

Feb 23

Good morning, Father. You see my heart, my needs, my fears. You see how badly I need you, and I thank you for letting me cling to you these last few days, as I prepare to face my fears. Thank you for having my husband even give me a bit of reassurance last night as […]

Feb 22

Good morning, Lord. Please help my daughter have a good day today, since it is her birthday. Please be with my husband in his work, and please help all of us to not worry too much about the coming possible changes. I give my troubled mind and heart to you, my Lord and Shepherd. Help […]

Feb 21

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for a good night of sleep, and thank you for letting my husband and daughter have a nice trip yesterday, visiting his family. Please guide me in my work today, and help me to have faith that you do love me and are still caring for me, even though it […]

Feb 20

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the joy in my heart, despite the world falling down around me! My husband might have to go to jail for six months for not paying child support on time. Even if he doesn’t, his truck is falling apart and he may not be able to do […]

Feb 19

Good morning, Lord. I feel a bit dizzy today, and sleepy-headed. But it is Friday, so maybe I can sleep in tomorrow or the next day — or even take a nap! I also feel just a bit discouraged on the project I’ve been working so hard on. I’m not sure if I need to […]

Feb 18

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me get my project almost done yesterday! Please help me to finish it up today, and guide me to the next step along that path. Please be with my husband today, and help him solve the troubles of his job this morning. Please be with my […]

Feb 17

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for the massive productivity yesterday, and please do help me finish that project up today. If you would rather me work on something else, please let me know clearly, so I have a chance to obey and be pleasing to you. I leave it in your hands, trusting […]

Feb 16

Good morning, Father. I am calmly content this morning, but the super-joyfulness seems to have dissipated some time yesterday. I don’t feel down, just a little “blah”. Still I know that you are faithful, and you will guide me in whatever I need to get done today. There are several things to work on, in […]

Feb 15

Good morning, Lord! Wow, I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already! I wonder when my son finishes his military training. I think it was supposed to be some time this month, but I haven’t heard from him. When he communicates, it is very little beyond, “I’ve been really busy”. I miss him, Lord. […]

Feb 14

Good morning, Lord! I am so excited! Thank you so much for helping me create such an awesome, fresh new start, completely reorganizing both ALL my foodstuffs AND my art making area yesterday! Now I can make real good progress on both my health and my creativity — yay! 😀 I love it how you […]

Feb 13

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for this awesome beautiful day, and for all this nice warm weather we’re having lately! Thank you for my “night off” last night, for all the fun and lightheartedness. Thank you for giving me a chance to explain to my daughter how letting go of past hurts and […]

Feb 12

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for teaching me to not overthink everything, just to DO it, whatever “it” may be! I think I am getting ever so little bit better at this. Thank you for keeping my head up, and my husband’s hope up! Please touch my daughter, and reveal yourself to her. Let her […]

Feb 11

Good morning, Father! Thank you for holding me this morning, preparing me, comforting me, healing me. Thank you for taking such awesome care of my husband, keeping him busy and hopeful during this time of could-be upheaval. It is such an encouraging witness to myself and to my daughter to see how far you’ve brought […]

Feb 10

Good morning, Father! Thank you so much for helping me through the shot and the stomach pains yesterday, and helping my husband through his looooong day! Please help him to complete his work quickly this morning, and guide him in finding the last tool he needs to do his work. Please continue to heal up […]