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May 28

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for encouraging me to try again after my last super-failed attempt at making gluten-free, high-protein pancakes from scratch. Thank you for guiding me, and helping them to turn out so great! Thank you also for comforting me in the first hours of this day, when I woke up trapped inside night-time worries, and had to go out to the couch and read the Bible for help. Thank you for being there, helping me trust you again, helping me feel safer and more hopeful. And thank you for the little bit of time this morning, connecting with my husband before he had to go off to work today. Please be with him, keep him focused and strong, help his truck hold together, and bring him home safely. Thank you, Father! 😀

Luke 14:7-14 ERV

Then Jesus noticed that some of the guests were choosing the best places to sit. So he told this story:
“When someone invites you to a wedding, don’t sit in the most important seat. They may have invited someone more important than you.
And if you are sitting in the most important seat, they will come to you and say, ‘Give this man your seat!’ Then you will have to move down to the last place and be embarrassed.
“So when someone invites you, go sit in the seat that is not important. Then they will come to you and say, ‘Friend, move up here to this better place!’ What an honor this will be for you in front of all the other guests.
Everyone who makes themselves important will be made humble. But everyone who makes themselves humble will be made important.”
Then Jesus said to the Pharisee who had invited him, “When you give a lunch or a dinner, don’t invite only your friends, brothers, relatives, and rich neighbors. At another time they will pay you back by inviting you to eat with them.
Instead, when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, and the blind.
Then you will have great blessings, because these people cannot pay you back. They have nothing. But God will reward you at the time when all godly people rise from death.”

Thank you, Lord, for making me one of the lowly people of the world who can truly be a blessing to others who are kind to me — because I have nothing but your love to give them back! I pray that some day you also give me a chance to live on the other side, where I can bless others with the abundance you give to me. I still desire to give them your love, for that is the greatest gift of all. But Lord I also pray that you give me enough financial resources to help people in other ways as well. Let me never stop learning new ways to bless the littlest, humblest, awesomest people of this world you have made, Father! Amen!


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