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May 21

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for all your blessings! This is such a beautiful morning, peaceful and cozy! Thank you for encouraging me and giving me so very many things to fill my day. Please help me learn how to slow down and NOTICE more things — about people, about nature, about myself, about YOU and the world you have created. Please increase my awareness, Lord, so that I have more to be grateful for, more to thank you for! 😀

Psalm 92:1-8 ERV

A song of praise for the Sabbath. It is good to praise the LORD. God Most High, it is good to praise your name.
It is good to sing about your love in the morning and about your faithfulness at night.
It is good to play for you on the ten-stringed instrument and lyre and to add the soft sounds of the harp to my praise.
LORD, you make us very happy because of what you did. I gladly sing about it.
LORD, you did such great things. Your thoughts are too hard for us to understand.
Stupid people don’t know this. Fools don’t understand.
The wicked may sprout like grass, and those who do evil may blossom like flowers, but they will be destroyed, never to be seen again.
But, LORD, you will be honored forever.

Father, I thank you for not making me a stupid fool, unable to see all the wonderous things you have created. Thank you for giving me ears that hear and eyes that see the majesty of your creative power and awesome love for your creation, especially your children. Father, I give this day to you and ask you to work your will in my life. Reveal to me any places where I am resisting your touch, so that I may let those things go, giving them to you. Please continue to make me more dependent upon you, so that I can become more stable and secure. Thank you, loving Shepherd!


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