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May 9

Good morning, Father!
Thank you for getting me up bright and early — it is AWESOME to have energy in the morning again…! Thank you for continuing the healing of my body, and the strengthening of my mind and heart. Please continue to teach me, guide me, care for me — as I know you will, thank you!! 😀 Father, please help us get done the things we need to get done, to pay our bills and fulfil our obligations. Take care of my family too, oh Lord.

Titus 3:3-8 ERV

In the past we were foolish too. We did not obey, we were wrong, and we were slaves to the many things our bodies wanted and enjoyed. We lived doing evil and being jealous. People hated us and we hated each other.
But then the kindness and love of God our Savior was made known.
He saved us because of his mercy, not because of any good things we did. He saved us through the washing that made us new people. He saved us by making us new through the Holy Spirit.
God poured out to us that Holy Spirit fully through Jesus Christ our Savior.
We were made right with God by his grace. God saved us so that we could be his children and look forward to receiving life that never ends.
This is a true statement. And I want you to be sure that the people understand these things. Then those who believe in God will be careful to use their lives for doing good. These things are good and will help everyone.

Lord, I thank you for the cleansing by your Holy Spirit. I thank you for your mercy and your grace. Thank you for saving me from a life of emptiness and strife, and bringing me into a life full of your love and hope! Please help me to use my life to do your will, to help other people according to your purpose for my life and my abilities and other resources you gift to me. Let me be found faithful, above all things. Thank you for choosing me! 😀


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