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May 3

Good morning, Father!
Thank you so much for teaching me more and more how to eat a balanced plant-based diet, and especially for giving me such a strong and healthy desire for SOUPS! Thank you for leading me to various sites around the internet where I can find good recipes and ideas! Thank you also for the Burpee website, and giving me the hope that some day I can grow my own vegetables again…! I look forward to growing with you, Lord! I anticipate the days when I can rejoice in my garden and delight in the plants that WE are growing together…! Thank you, Father!! 😀

Romans 14:1-4 ERV

Be willing to accept those who still have doubts about what believers can do. And don’t argue with them about their different ideas.
Some people believe they can eat any kind of food, but those who have doubts eat only vegetables.
Those who know they can eat any kind of food must not feel that they are better than those who eat only vegetables. And those who eat only vegetables must not decide that those who eat all foods are wrong. God has accepted them.
You cannot judge the servants of someone else. Their own master decides if they are doing right or wrong. And the Lord’s servants will be right, because the Lord is able to make them right.

Thank you, Lord, for making my heart to not be quick to judge others, but rather to be accepting, even to a fault. Please show me any way in which my over-acceptance is NOT pleasing to you. I know I perhaps should have been more strict with my children, but I’ve always felt that my strength lies in encouraging them, and that being strict is a DIS-couragement. Father, please balance my perspective and show me YOUR truth. Help me to do things your way!


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