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May 1

Good morning, Lord!
I am finally feeling more like my old self — thank you, Father! πŸ˜€
Lord, I really want to do some work that I can be proud of, and make enough money to buy my contacts and get my car running again and pay off my debts. I know that you desire for your people to prosper. Thank you for showing me some things I have been doing that have been draining the life out of my body and my mind and my time. Please let this be the first day in a NEW life with you — one in which I can produce good fruit on the outside, not just tucked away on the inside where only you and I know about it. I give you my time, Lord. Please help me to arrange it according to your plan for me.

Daniel 2:19-22 ERV

During the night, God explained the secret to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven.
He said, “Praise God’s name forever and ever! Power and wisdom belong to him.
He changes the times and seasons. He gives power to kings, and he takes their power away. He gives wisdom to people, so they become wise. He lets people learn things and become wise.
He knows hidden secrets that are hard to understand. Light lives with him, so he knows what is in the dark and secret places.

Father, please give me wisdom. Let me come to know and understand the human body and mind, along with technologies like Adobe Illustrator and WordPress (PHP coding). Thank you for the good beginnings, the firm foundations you have laid in me in these areas. Please continue to build me for your glory. Amen! πŸ˜€


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