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Apr 30

Good morning, Father.
Thank you so much for letting me feel closer to normal today. It has been extremely difficult the last several days, both physically and emotionally, and I am glad to feel your closeness and support and encouragement on this beautiful Sabbath morning! 😀

1 Timothy 2:9-15 ERV

And I want the women to make themselves attractive in the right way. Their clothes should be sensible and appropriate. They should not draw attention to themselves with fancy hairstyles or gold jewelry or pearls or expensive clothes.
But they should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. That is more appropriate for women who say they are devoted to God.
A woman should learn while listening quietly and being completely willing to obey.
I don’t allow a woman to teach a man or tell him what to do. She must listen quietly,
because Adam was made first. Eve was made later.
Also, Adam was not the one who was tricked. It was the woman who was tricked and became a sinner.
But women will be saved in their work of having children. They will be saved if they continue to live in faith, love, and holiness with sensible behavior.

Many women are offended by some of the instructions Paul gives here, but I don’t really disagree with him. I think we can learn directly from the Holy Spirit — as Paul did — and do not NEED to sit under the teaching of any man to know God. But that is not disallowed by these verses. Instead, it just says a woman should not teach a man and that when a man IS teaching her, she should listen quietly and be willing to obey — ie, have a receptive spirit. I have found that difficult to do myself, yet I do see the wisdom in it. If I disagree with my husband, he is so much more willing to hear my point of view AFTER I have quietly heard what he had to say. How will he even know I heard him enough to refute what he’s said, if I haven’t been paying attention and giving it a fair chance? Alas, I am still very much learning to apply this wisdom, in my day to day life! :O>

Lord, please help me to live in faith, love, and your holiness. Help me to have sensible behavior that wins the respect of my husband and others. Help me to see that my value lies in having your Holy Spirit dwelling in me, being saved by the blood of Christ Jesus, and being chosen by the Almighty God. That is enough! I do not need to make a certain amount of money or do any other thing, in order to have value. Help me learn this, Father! Write this truth on my heart, so my heart can stop disliking my own self. Thank you for choosing me! 😀


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