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Apr 29

Good morning, Father.
I feel like a car running out of gas this morning. Putt, putt, putt, sputter, sputter, sputter. :O< Please strengthen me, Lord. Thank you for leading me to good information about estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones -- the imbalance of which seems to be the cause of the majority of my physical symptoms lately, since my doctor put me on the pill. Thank you for giving me the courage to STOP taking that synthetic garbage, and please help the natural stuff I'm taking now to help me quickly, Lord. I feel almost useless.  

Psalm 6:2-6 ERV

LORD, be kind to me. I am sick and weak. Heal me, LORD! My bones are shaking.
I am trembling all over. LORD, how long until you heal me?
LORD, come back and make me strong again. Save me because you are so loyal and kind.
If I am dead, I cannot sing about you. Those in the grave don’t praise you.
Lord, I am so weak. I cried to you all night. My pillow is soaked; my bed is dripping wet from my tears.

Lord, just like David I have cried in the night, begging for relief. I hate feeling like this! Please have mercy on me and heal me. Make me strong enough to work hard and make good progress for you. Please continue to guide me and teach me how to take care of my body right. Please heal my emotions and my mental hangups, so that I can again do work that I can be proud of, and that yields good fruit for you. Bless you, Lord! šŸ˜€


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