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Apr 27

Good morning, Lord.
Thank you for preserving me. Thank you for preserving my little dog. Thank you for holding me, not dropping me, even when I twist and turn in your hand. Please help me past the barriers in my life, the enemy outside me and my flesh inside me. Please prune the negative, draining things from my life so that I can soar. Thank you, Father!

Mark 4:24-32 ERV

Think carefully about what you are hearing. God will know how much to give you by how much you understand now. But he will give you more than you deserve.
The people who have some understanding will receive more. But those who do not have much will lose even the small amount they have.”
Then Jesus said, “God’s kingdom is like a man who plants seed in the ground.
The seed begins to grow. It grows night and day. It doesn’t matter whether the man is sleeping or awake, the seed still grows. He doesn’t know how it happens.
Without any help the ground produces grain. First the plant grows, then the head, and then all the grain in the head.
When the grain is ready, the man cuts it. This is the harvest time.”
Then Jesus said, “What can I use to show you what God’s kingdom is like? What story can I use to explain it?
God’s kingdom is like a mustard seed, which is smaller than any other seed on earth that you can plant.
But when you plant it, it grows and becomes the largest of all the plants in your garden. It has branches that are very big. The wild birds can come and make nests there and be protected from the sun.”

Father, I thank you for planting your seeds in me. I trust you to water them, nurture them, and one day reap a harvest in me. I feel helpless to bear any fruit of my own. Help me to be patient and hopeful and of good cheer. Help me to just be willing and yield to your touch, guiding me, growing me. I thank you that I can count on you, Lord! 😀


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