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Apr 26

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you so much for the wonderful joy in my heart this morning! I can think of a dozen or more reasons to be upset, and my husband is super-upset and being very negative and angry, but yet I feel such bubbling joy! And it’s all because of YOU, Lord! I look forward to so many things, sharing them with YOU! I look forward to the next moment, the next hours, the next days — the rest of my life — because YOU will be with me through it all. Thank you so much, Father! I adore you! 😀

1 Peter 1:8 ERV

You have not seen Christ, but still you love him. You can’t see him now, but you believe in him. You are filled with a wonderful and heavenly joy that cannot be explained.

Psalm 4:5-8 ERV

Give the right sacrifices to the LORD, and put your trust in him!
Many people say, “I wish I could enjoy the good life. LORD, give us some of those blessings.”
But you have made me happier than they will ever be with all their wine and grain.
When I go to bed, I sleep in peace, because, LORD, you keep me safe.

Father, please help me to give my husband some of this joy. Please let his heart exhale all the world’s poison and inhale your peace. Let your peace permeate this house, and give structure to our lives. Thank you, Jesus, for making a way for me to be known by God, to feel the companionship of the Holy Spirit, and to have eternity in your presence to look forward to. Thank you for the awesome, unexpected blessing of your love and acceptance! :O>


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