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Apr 25

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for getting me up bright and early this morning. Please give my body the stamina it needs to mow the lawn here in just a bit. Please also be very near to my little dog, who really seems to be dying. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, for which I thank you. Please protect him, and do not let him suffer, Lord. He’s been such a faithful companion for the last decade or more! šŸ˜€

Job 12:12-22 ERV

People say, ‘Wisdom is to be found in those who are old. Long life brings understanding.’
But wisdom and power belong to God. Good advice and understanding are his.
Anything God tears down cannot be rebuilt. Anyone he puts in prison cannot be set free.
If he holds back the rain, the earth will dry up. If he lets the rain loose, it will flood the land.
God is strong and always wins. He controls those who fool others and those who are fooled.
He strips advisors of their wisdom and makes leaders act like fools.
He strips priests of their power and removes those who feel so secure in their position.
He makes trusted advisors be silent. He takes away the wisdom of the older leaders.
He brings disgrace to important people. He takes power away from rulers.
He exposes even the darkest secrets. He sends light into places that are as dark as death.

What an awesome, powerful God we serve! šŸ˜€
What an honor to be chosen to serve HIM! Thank you, Father, for choosing me! Thank you for caring for me, being tender when I need it and chastising me when that is more what I need. Thank you for working in the garden that is my life, my heart, my mind, my body. Thank you for pruning away the dead and life-draining elements, even those things that I might have hung onto forever. Thank you for planting your miraculous fruit trees and flowers and savory herbs for YOUR delight! Thank you for caring, for being my husbandman and my Eternal Husband! Praise be to God! :O>


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