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Apr 16

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for caring for me, even when I feel so undeserving. Thank you for helping me slow down and take things one moment at a time when I am struggling. Please help me to grow and become more stable and more pleasing to you. Help me to do something worthwhile and beneficial to others.

Psalm 116:1-7 ERV

I love the LORD for hearing me, for listening to my prayers.
Yes, he paid attention to me, so I will always call to him whenever I need help.
Death’s ropes were around me. The grave was closing in on me. I was worried and afraid.
Then I called on the LORD’S name. I said, “LORD, save me!”
The LORD is good and merciful; our God is so kind.
The LORD takes care of helpless people. I was without help, and he saved me.
My soul, relax! The LORD is caring for you.

Lord, I lift myself, my husband, and each of my children up to you. Please look deeply into each of our hearts, and provide for our individual needs. Let each of us know you and walk with you, and make us pleasing to you so that we may dwell with you for eternity, and know your joy and care. Thank you, Father! šŸ˜€


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