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Apr 14

Good morning, Lord!
Thank you for getting me up and going nice and early, despite feeling dizzy again. Thank you for helping me to learn a couple tactics that make the dizzies bearable, or at least help it not be as bad in the long run. Please continue to teach me how NOT to aggravate this old neck injury of mine, and how to strengthen my neck muscles to protect that delicate nerve structure. Please help me to be diligent and courageous in taking better care of my body, so I can be as healthy as possible and take care of what you gave me. Thank you, Father! đŸ˜€

Luke 19:16-17 & 26 ERV

The first servant came and said, ‘Sir, I earned ten bags of money with the one bag you gave me.’
The king said to him, ‘That’s great! You are a good servant. I see that I can trust you with small things. So now I will let you rule over ten of my cities.’
“The king said, ‘People who use what they have will get more. But those who do not use what they have will have everything taken away from them.

Father, I thank you for showing me how to use the art supplies I have, to be a more faithful steward over what you’ve given me. It is delightful and encouraging to me to make these texture paintings (like 2D sculpture), crosses, and glow-in-the-dark practical artworks — and whatever else you give me to do! It feels wonderful to be making progress on my business, my art, AND getting at least some good exercise every day as well…! Father, I want to use everything you have given me. I want to be a more wise, more faithful steward over what you have entrusted into my hands — including my own body. Teach me, Lord. Reveal to me your wisdom and give me understanding that I can use and apply. Thank you for choosing me, Lord!


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