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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Jul 22

Father, this is a very trying time for me right now, while I race to get things done on the new ONE site, during the time of the year when I make almost no money and get the least amount of visitors and feedback. All I have is YOU to guide me… but that is ENOUGH. Please sustain my heart, my mind, my body, my courage, my creativity, and my enthusiasm. Please do not let me get too discouraged or depressed by the lack of response from the people I have been faithfully serving for the last decade and a half, the hundreds of thousands of people who have used my materials to make their teaching easier or more fun for their students. Please show me how to serve them even better all the time, and please help some of them step forward and give me a little bit of feedback to help me stay encouraged, if that is what I need. Otherwise, I will just keep going forward on YOUR grace and mercy, Lord. Please help me not to fail you or them. Help me stay strong and create good things that are pleasing to you, faithful Shepherd. Amen.

Psalm 121 ERV

A song for going up to the Temple. I look up to the hills, but where will my help really come from? 
My help will come from the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth. 
He will not let you fall. Your Protector will not fall asleep.
Israel’s Protector does not get tired. He never sleeps. 
The LORD is your Protector. The LORD stands by your side, shading and protecting you. 
The sun cannot harm you during the day, and the moon cannot harm you at night. 
The LORD will protect you from every danger. He will protect your soul. 
The LORD will protect you as you come and go, both now and forever!

Lord, I thank you for your protection as I walk through this lifetime. I do not know what lies ahead, but I know I can trust you to always care for me, in the tender, intimate, personal way that you do. THANK YOU for your mercy, your grace, your provision. Thank you for your Hand upon me, sustaining me through even the hardest days and most difficult problems. Thank you for being ENOUGH for me, no matter how much ELSE I have. Thank you for my awesome Mate and the blessing of my four awesome children as well. Thank you for my friends in varous states, and thank you for my health and peace of mind. Help me to serve you faithfully today. Amen.


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