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Jun 29

THANK YOU, Father, for helping me get DONE the first trio of pages on the first topic on my new site: LEARN, PRACTICE, and TEST breakfast in Spanish! I feel much better having that small success to build upon — and I LIKE how it turned out, so it is very encouraging! Already this morning, I have been feeling you prompting me to do another Spanish topic (human body)… but I am soooooo looking forward to having enough Spanish done that I can relax and start building out the topics I truly enjoy — music, muscle cars, art, nature, and all the rest of THESE:

There just seems to be no end to my interests, and I am HYPER just thinking about building them all out on the new ONE site!! 😀

Ecclesiastes 2:21-26 ERV

People can work hard using all their wisdom and knowledge and skill. But they will die and other people will get the things they worked for. They did not do the work, but they will get everything. That makes me very sad. It is also not fair and is senseless. 
What do people really have after all their work and struggling in this life? 
Throughout their life, they have pain, frustrations, and hard work. Even at night, a person’s mind does not rest. This is also senseless. 
There is no one who has tried to enjoy life more than I have. And this is what I learned: The best thing people can do is eat, drink, and enjoy the work they must do. I also saw that this comes from God. 
If people do good and please God, he will give them wisdom, knowledge, and joy.
But those who sin will get only the work of gathering and carrying things. God takes from the bad person and gives to the good person. But all this work is useless. It is like trying to catch the wind. 

Lord, I thank you for allowing me to be FREE to work for joy and a little bit of money, rather than being exhausted by senseless work that barely just pays the bills, like so many people must endure. You named me FREE ONE (Fran = “from France” or “Free One”!), and you have been FAITHFUL to keep growing that freedom in my life, as I depend upon you more and more completely all the time. THANK YOU for helping me endure my own little struggles, feeling overwhelmed by my work when I felt I HAD to get certain things done, in certain timeframes, to be faithful to my sites’ visitors and customers. I am grateful for the small successes I have been enjoying, and I pray you help me to stay humble, and teachable, and always willing to listen to your Spirit and make constant adjustments to my attitude and behavior — the only two things I CAN CHANGE. Please keep helping me to let GO of the things I can NOT change, so that I can keep growing in freedom and joy. Amen. Thank you, faithful Shepherd!


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