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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Jun 12

Good morning, Lord. Thank you for this beautiful cool weather, with tiny sprinkles and lots of clouds. Thank you for the lightness in my heart and mind and spirit, and the opportunities I have to be creative and make progress in my work and in my relationships. Thank you for helping me learn to focus on the things I CAN change, getting better all the time at letting everything else GO. Father, I lift my awesome Mate up to you and ask you to help him let GO of the things he cannot change, and give him clear direction on the things you do want him to change — whatever attitudes and behaviors that are not conducive to serving you and fulfilling your purpose for him at this time. Please help us both to grow in our reliance upon you, faithful Shepherd. Protect us from the evil that surrounds us, and show us how to work to provide for our needs, and have enough to help others as well. Amen.

Psalm 146 ERV

Praise the LORD! My soul, praise the LORD! 
I will praise the LORD all my life. I will sing praises to him as long as I live. 
Don’t depend on your leaders for help. Don’t depend on people, because they cannot save you. 
People die and are buried. Then all their plans to help are gone. 
It is a great blessing for people to have the God of Jacob to help them. They depend on the LORD their God. 
He made heaven and earth. He made the sea and everything in it. He can be trusted to do what he says. 
He does what is right for those who have been hurt. He gives food to the hungry. The LORD frees people locked up in prison. 
The LORD makes the blind see again. The LORD helps those who are in trouble. The LORD loves those who do right. 
The LORD protects strangers in our country. He cares for widows and orphans, but he destroys the wicked. 
The LORD will rule forever! Zion, your God will rule forever and ever! Praise the LORD! 


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