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Apr 10

Good morning, Father.
Thank you for giving me the patience and calmness to endure both my daughter and my husband monopolizing my computer yesterday and today. Please help me to continue to show mercy, grace, and love to them, and let this house be filled with your peace on this, my husband’s one day off AND my middle son’s 22nd birthday! 😀

Job 5:7-16 ERV

But people are born to have trouble, as surely as sparks rise from a fire.
If I were you, I would turn to God and tell him about my problems.
People cannot understand the wonderful things God does. His miracles are too many to count.
He sends rain all over the earth and waters the fields.
He raises up the humble and makes sad people happy.
He spoils the plans of even the smartest people so that they will not succeed.
He catches those who think they are wise in their own clever traps and brings to an end their evil plans.
Daylight will be like darkness for them. Even at noon they will have to feel their way as in the dark.
God saves the poor from the hurtful words of the wicked. He saves them from those who are powerful.
So the poor have hope; God shuts the mouths of those who would cause them harm.

Father, thank you for being my hope, my defense, and my honor. Thank you for walking closely with me through these trying times, and not letting the enemy totally destroy my heart or my marriage. Father I surrender all things to you, including my pride and my vulnerability. I know that you will protect me and preserve everything in me that is of value to you, burning away only those things which need to be pruned off. Thank you for growing me, Lord!


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