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May 26 PM

Lord, I didn’t want to wait until morning to say THANK YOU for your awesome mercy. I appreciate the time I had alone today while my Mate got out with his mom. I feel soooooooo much better, just having INTROVERT TIME!!! LOL, I have not had that much time alone in the camper so far this whole year, and it was awesome to dance and workout and feel like MYSELF again, heehee!! I truly did not realize just how exhausted I had become, and I thank you for helping me find my way through.
Lord, I lift my dear son up to you and ask you to intervene in his life, in his heart, in his situation. He needs you, Father. He needs your Touch, your Love, your Freedom! I believe in your awesome merciful healing, Lord — without it, I would be dead or stuck in an asylum somewhere. Please don’t let any of my children give up on themselves. Give them HOPE and lead each one of them in the direction of their own freedom. Lead them to the Source that never runs dry, never changes. Thank you, merciful, faithful Shepherd! I trust you completely. Amen.

3 John 1:4 ERV

It always gives me the greatest joy when I hear that my children are following the way of truth. 

Lord, if I could give my children the names of two authors, two intellectuals whom I trust to help guide them, it would be Brene Brown and John Eldredge. Trouble is, they may have no time or interest for reading or even listening. Therefore, I just put them securely into your hands, and ask you to lead them in your own way, in your perfect timing. I trust you with my greatest treasures, Lord — my children and my Mate. Heal us all, Lord Jesus. Amen.
Lord, please help all my peeps (and me!) treat ourselves with compassion — we need it!!


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