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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Apr 22

Wow, Lord, you REALLY helped me come a long way yesterday — so much so, that I feel more inspired than ever with this new site. I think this could really work! THANK YOU for giving me the name Lafferty, and directing me to put all my content onto the new site… and to have all the foundational elements in place, so that yesterday I devised a whole currency for the site and all its future visitors — the LAFF! LOL, now every person that visits can earn LAFFs for registering, visiting, exploring, and learning — and I have only just begun… Heehee! How COOL you are, awesome Creator and Shepherd!!!


Psalm 106:1-15 ERV

Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD because he is good! His faithful love will last forever! 
No one can describe how great the LORD really is. No one can praise him enough. 
Those who obey his commands are happy. They do good things all the time. 

LORD, remember me when you show kindness to your people. Remember to save me too! 
Let me share in the good things that you do for your chosen people. Let me rejoice with your nation. Let me join with your people in praise. 
We sinned just as our ancestors did. We were wrong; we did bad things! 
Lord, our ancestors learned nothing from the miracles you did in Egypt. They forgot your kindness at the Red Sea and rebelled against you. 
But the Lord saved our ancestors for the honor of his name. He saved them to show his great power. 
He gave the command, and the Red Sea became dry. He led them through the deep sea on land as dry as the desert. 
He saved our ancestors and rescued them from their enemies. 
He covered their enemies with the sea. Not one of them escaped! 
Then our ancestors believed what he had said. They sang praises to him. 
But they quickly forgot about what he did. They did not listen to his advice. 
They became hungry in the desert, and they tested him in the wilderness. 
He gave them what they asked for, but he also gave them a terrible disease. 


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