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I shall yet learn, and grow beyond the immaturity of adulthood. I shall again laugh, and learn the wisdom of a child.

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Apr 19

Well, I almost started doing this little prayer blog — or something similar — on the new site, but it just isn’t ready yet. I almost started turning it into a book, but beyond the initial idea stage, I’m just not feeling THAT yet, either. I lost all the structure and content I had been building for the last month or more, when I was having trouble with an incompatibility between two bits of code on the new site, and now the site is basically just a front page with links to almost nothing. Still, I have had total peace throughout the process, feeling God’s merciful Hand on me reminding me to “need nothing of it”… and I’ve had most of a week in which to just deal with the outside stressors of “family life” at this park, my Mate and I helping each other stay calm and not setting the raging bull back on the warpath, keeping peace as much as is humanly possible. Like my Mate said, if it was any other man besides him who received such threats and acts of aggression, the law would probably have been called in. But he is unafraid of the threats, and he is now off working somewhere in the park for the park owner, our adopted father figure, so it looks like God is slowly working things out for us to stay here a bit longer, give a bit more help and encouragement to these awesome peeps, however much we can. While the blankness of my new site and my lack of CLEAR sight and a working routine feel like they are a little cloud above my head, I still have absolute peace, and an assurance that all is well. I truly DO “need nothing of it“. In case you do not know what that’s about, dear Reader (yes, you!), here’s the story: My first husband and I were homeless with two kids and I was pregnant with the third. We were driving through Arizona or New Mexico somewhere, living on faith, the four (five) of us living out of a van. I remember feeling exhausted and weak, probably not getting quite enough nourishment for two from the food we had been retrieving from dumpsters. But as always, I had my FAITH to keep me warm, lol. I looked out the window at the dry barren landscape (at times quite beautiful!) and point-blank asked my Creator, “HOW could you LOVE such a land, Lord?” and He point-blank responded in my spirit, “Because I need nothing of it.” That has never left me. My interpretation is something like this: If we truly are the beloved children of the Creator of ALL good things, then we truly need NOTHING but Him. No matter how bleak our situation, no matter how impossible things seem to be, we can ALWAYS trust Him to provide for our needs. We should NEVER put our trust more on the creation than the Creator. And that includes our own self and our situation.

Psalm 78:2-41 ERV

I will tell you a story. I will tell you about things from the past that are hard to understand. 
We have heard the story, and we know it well. Our fathers told it to us. 
And we will not forget it. Our people will be telling this story to the last generation. We will all praise the LORD and tell about the amazing things he did. 
He made an agreement with Jacob. He gave the law to Israel. He gave the commands to our ancestors. He told them to teach the law to their children. 
Then the next generation, even the children not yet born, would learn the law. And they would be able to teach it to their own children. 
So they would all trust in God, never forgetting what he had done and always obeying his commands. 
They would not be like their ancestors, who were stubborn and refused to obey. Their hearts were not devoted to God, and they were not faithful to him. 
The men from Ephraim had their weapons, but they ran from the battle. 
They did not keep their agreement with God. They refused to obey his teachings. 
They forgot the great things he had done and the amazing things he had shown them. 
While their ancestors watched, he showed his great power at Zoan in Egypt. 
He split the Red Sea and led the people across. The water stood like a solid wall on both sides of them. 
Each day God led them with the tall cloud, and each night he led them with the light from the column of fire. 
He split the rocks in the desert and gave them an ocean of fresh water. 
He brought a stream of water out of the rock and made it flow like a river! 
But they continued sinning against him. They rebelled against God Most High in the desert. 
Then they decided to test God by telling him to give them the food they wanted. 
They complained about him and said, “Can God give us food in the desert? 
Yes, he struck the rock and a flood of water came out. But can he give us bread and meat?” 

The LORD heard what they said and became angry with Jacob’s people. He was angry with Israel, 
because they did not trust in him. They did not believe that God could save them. 
But then God opened the clouds above, and manna rained down on them for food. It was as if doors in the sky opened, and grain poured down from a storehouse in the sky. 
These people ate the food of angels. God sent plenty of food to satisfy them. 
He sent a strong wind from the east, and by his power he made the south wind blow. 
He made quail fall like rain until they covered the ground. There were so many birds that they were like sand on the seashore. 
The birds fell in the middle of the camp, all around their tents. 
The people ate until they were full. God had given them what they wanted. 
But before they were fully satisfied, while the food was still in their mouths, 
God became angry and killed even the strongest of them. He brought down Israel’s best young men. 
But the people continued to sin! They did not trust in the amazing things God could do. 
So he ended their worthless lives; he brought their years to a close with disaster. 
When he killed some of them, the others would turn back to him. They would come running back to God. 
They would remember that God was their Rock. They would remember that God Most High had saved them. 
But they tried to fool him with their words; they told him lies. 
Their hearts were not really with him. They were not faithful to the agreement he gave them. 
But God was merciful. He forgave their sins and did not destroy them. Many times he held back his anger. He never let it get out of control. 
He remembered that they were only people, like a wind that blows and then is gone. 

Oh, they caused him so much trouble in the desert! They made him so sad. 
Again and again they tested his patience. They really hurt the Holy One of Israel. 

Hebrews 11:6 ERV

Without faith no one can please God. Whoever comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who sincerely try to find him.


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